Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Passion, Purpose and Spilled Milk

Funny story. So, last night, I was getting ready for bed and getting ready to pour myself a glass of milk like I always do. Well, I have a habit of always shaking the carton before I pour it. Don’t know why. Just habit. So, I go to shake it not realizing that I’d already taken the lid off. Haha! Yep! Milk flew everywhere, just like a scene from out of a sitcom. I busted a gut. It was hilarious! The miser in me, though, was angry that we’d wasted, like, $.50, though. Haha! :) But, truly, there is NO use crying over spilled milk.

I’ve been having a BLAST this week. The kind folks at my book publishers gave me my first freelance editing project, and I’m just living it up! I’m so thankful for this opportunity for two reasons. One: Because I’m getting to read a very cool book that is challenging me spiritually and
bringing me closer to Christ. Two: Because I am learning more about my talents and how much they bring me joy and glory to God.

This weekend, the KC Star ran a section for those who were trying to start fresh this year and discover their passions. They said that one clear way to find your area of passion is to list out the things you do that make you lose track of time. I thought about that for a while, and because I’m
such a clock-watcher, I couldn’t think of many. But when I sat down to edit this project, I quickly found out that editing is one of my things! I absolutely love being able to take someone’s thoughts and make them clear and concise in written word. It’s so much fun! And I know it’s such a gift from God. And the best part is that it DOES bring Him glory! Because I can take the
talents He’s given me and put them to work for His Kingdom by helping Christians communicate lessons and truth to others, I am privileged to help advance His Kingdom here on earth. HALLELUJAH!! :)

I want to be careful here and make sure that I don’t communicate that you have to work in quote-unquote ministry in order to glorify God. Totally not true. My Mighty Man’s dad is gifted with numbers, and he’s able to bring glory to God by accounting. My Momsy is able to bring glory to
God through her attention to detail in a clerical role in which she gets to use another gift for His Kingdom: her people skills. (She’s such a prayer warrior and sweetheart to those around her—and that’s a talent/gift!) But what I’m saying is that when you strike that chord of combining what you are good at with what you love, you really hit a God-given sweet spot. And I believe that He’s created us all to discover that. It pleases Him when we are filled with joy by serving Him. Scripture tells us that we were created to enjoy our work, and I fully believe that we can when we are operating in His strength and gifts.

Okay, second note: This doesn’t mean you’re in the wrong spot if you hate your job. That’s between you and God. It could be a relational issue, a time-management issue, or a variety of other things. But that’s between you and God whether or not you are in a position of maximizing your gifts and talents. What I can encourage you to do is to pray about it and seek out the areas of passion that He has instilled in you. He gave you gifts for areason and wants to use them to bless you, others and the world around you. To make a difference in the lives of others by showing His truth and love and character—one aspect of which will be His joy, which you will display as you work.

So, off I go to edit some more. Good thing is that it’s also magazine copy deadline week, so I’m getting double-duty of editing for the next few days, both at work and at home. Yee haw!!! (Mighty Man, I miss the heck out of you, though! My computer is no match for the joy you bring me. Guess I have a little lesson to learn in time-management as I discover these passions, too.) :)

Here’s to praying we all can find our passions in life and live them out in the full, abundant life that Christ promised in John 10:10.

Love and hugs!
- Jill

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