Sunday, February 12, 2012

Always a Writer

I must blog. I am sitting here on a Sunday evening doing Sunday evening things, and, in an effort to familiarize myself with pop culture, I turned on the Grammy Awards for background noise.


Is it just me?

No slight against Chris Brown here. The man is wildly talented! He can dance like few people on the planet. I bet the Lord smiles on him when he pop and locks (is that still a relevant term?) on beat. But I wonder if He isn't a little brokenhearted watching him prostitute his talents for the affection of the world. Sorry if that's a little rough, but it's kind of how I feel.

A former roommate of mine used to refer to Michael Jackson as one of the greatest intended worship leaders of all time. Interesting philosophy, isn't it? Unbelievable gifts given to those who would so tragically fail to realize that they'd been blessed in order to use those gifts for His glory.

This is a tough concept because it could easily be taken as if everyone should be in vocational ministry. SO not true. The point is simply that it's a capital miss if people don't recognize their talents as opportunities to both bless and be blessed.

Obviously no one knows a person's salvation, so I'm not going to point out anyone in an example to the contrary and single out a Christian in a "secular" industry--especially in pop culture. You hear things, but only God knows the heart. Even now I feel a little judgmental calling out Chris Brown and Michael Jackson. Who knows what their hearts beat when it comes to Christ? I can't know that.

Anyway...So, the Grammys. Interesting show. I wonder what Dave Grohl really means when he screams "I never wanna die!" into his microphone. I wonder what's going on in his heart? In his soul? I wonder if he's satisfied with life. I wonder if he knows that the Lord created his very fingers, which so fantastically slam the strings of his blue guitar. (FYI: I don't follow the music scene much, so if Grohl has publically stated anything about faith, I obviously won't know about it. If I seem naive, it's because I am! haha! This is one reason I'm "studying" the Grammys.)

Do I have a point? Yes.

Back to my opening line. I have to blog.

I'm getting ready to go through a variety of major life transitions, and I'm having to filter through what about me stays the same and what changes. What passes with the seasons, and what is locked in? One thing: my relationship with Christ. Steadfast. He will NEVER leave my heart. I am sealed by the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1, somewhere).

But what else? What about me will be there for the long-haul?

One thing is writing. I've realized that by now. No matter where I go, what I do, what roles I play, I fully believe that God has placed this gift/talent/passion in my life and that it will last as long as I have a functioning brain. And I hope it does! I LOVE it!

When something happens to me--good, bad, big, small, funny, sad, whatever--the first thing I want to do is write about it. It's how I express myself. It's how I process information. It's how I communicate best with others. It's one of the main ways I pray. The written word comes so much more naturally to me than the spoken or even the thought. Don't know why. It just does.

The older I get, the more I learn about how much of a blessing this is. The more I understand it, the more I can use it for good. Yes, I can use it to grow spiritually. Yes, I can use it to help others see Jesus more clearly (at least I hope so!!). Yes, I can use it to encourage others. And that's what I want to do! I believe it's one of the reasons I was created! And you know what? I believe that nothing can steal that from me because I believe it's God-protected. Whether I'm in my little one-bedroom apartment, the future home of me and the Mighty Man--whether I'm in my office at FCA or behind the counter of a coffee shop--whether I'm rich or poor--I will always be a writer. Well, let me rephrase, because I hate it when people label themselves as anything other than a child of God. I will always be a daughter of the Most High God who loves to express things with written words.

So, what's your thing? Maybe it's more than one thing. What are the things that God has given you that will be with you forever? Whatever that is, how are you stewarding that gift? Do you know that you were given that ability/passion as a way of drawing closer to Jesus by using it? Are you aware that you can use that gift in some way to bless others and draw them closer to Christ as well? Man, I hope so. There's nothing like using those gifts knowing that the Holy Spirit is in it with you.

Well, friends! If you're watching the Grammys, maybe you can explain to me why the aforementioned Dave Grohl has something pink and strappy around his wrist. haha! OH! The Beach Boys are back!!!!!! Okay, I gotta go. This WILL be worth watching. I hope. :)

Go forth and use your gifts for good!! BIG hugs, all!


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