Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Take on the Miley Thing

Normally I blog about things like what I saw on Sunday night's VMAs, but I just haven't felt that pressing need this week. When things from pop culture threaten the well-being of our young women, I usually go straight to my computer for a quick tirade, but this time I just don't know that I need to.

I think I just have a little more hope than that. I just believe better about our young women. By and large I think they're too smart for things like this. There hasn't been one good thing said about the performance from Miley Cyrus, and I think that's awesome. That's a positive sign. Not one kid or adult I know has remarked that they wished they could be like her after what they saw.

Thank God.

To me this shows redemption. There are more level-headed people out there than we think. There are more people who aren't just taking pop stars as role models and then digesting whatever trash they're spoon fed. People might actually be paying attention. There might actually be kids out there who want to respect their bodies and virtue. There might be parents who care enough to spend time with their kids and tell them why they don't have to participate in repulsive behavior to be accepted. I like that.

I'm reminded right now of that Newsboys song "God's Not Dead." Our God isn't dead. He's not overpowered by the enemy even when we feel like it. He's surely alive, and He's revealing Himself in little and small ways every day.

So that's my blog. It's short and to the point. But I like what I saw in reaction to the Miley Cyrus episode. Keep voicing your opinions about the issue because I'm loving it. It's refreshing to hear people stand up against filth. Makes me believe people have morals and a few values.

- Jill

btw...Why was I watching the VMAs? HELLO! N' Sync reunion!! Duh! :) I felt like I was 19 again! :) Now THAT was awesome.

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  1. No God isn't dead, but Satan sure is getting more and more active every day. Goddess16? OMG, lol..