Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why we run.

For anyone who has ever questioned my sanity for running or the sanity of any runner they know, this ad is for you. THIS is why we run. We run to leave our old self behind. We run because we can. We run because sitting on the couch hurts more than running 26.2 miles. We run because the voice that tells us to stop is more detrimental than the one who tells us to keep going. The one who pushes us forward is the one who makes us stronger.

When we run we realize divine strength that is inside us--God-given, God-breathed, God-ordainted--which would otherwise remain untapped.

This is why we run. Because we can.

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  1. This is great! It reminds me of an Adidas ad circa late 1990s "Running is like a game of chess. It's a mental game of outwitting the part of your brain that tells you to stop; that enough is enough; the part that gives your ego a good kick in the rear to keep going; and the part that tells you to push yourself beyond one more step. Both distance and speed must be negotiated with strategy and physical conditioning. There is more to this than you and the competition."