Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oh, have mercy.

hahahaha! I just wrote the world's longest blog post and then tried to upload it guessed it! Internet Explorer Cannot Display Web Page. hahaha! Oh, man. I guess that message was just for my own personal memory bank. :)

Either way, I have to write SOMETHING on here for my time. Long story short: WINDY WINDY run this morning. If I wasn't prepped for Wichita before I sure am now! Bring on the Central KS wind! :) I'm rocked and ready!

Nope, I'm too mad at Blogger to write much of anything else. I'm going to go clean my apartment and praise God for awhile to get over my miffed attitude against the Internet. :)

Ciao, friends! Happy Saturday!! :) Walk in the light of truth today knowing that the Lord loves you and understands you better than you understand yourself. :) Trust Him!


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