Sunday, February 13, 2011

So sad!

My goodness. . . I'm sitting here listening to an interview with Janet Jackson. She's talking about her body image issues and how insecure she's been all her life. This poor woman!

But you know what? If anything, this just makes me realize how sincerely we all battle the same issues. I don't know a woman alive who hasn't ever felt insecure about her body. It's just one of our things!

How does this stop, though? When do we finally get to the point where we realize God's truth about us, that we are lovely as we are created? When do we stop letting the world tell us what is beautiful? It's such a trap. And we ALL have our things.

One of the biggest things the enemy does is try to make us think that we're all alone in our struggles. Like just because the woman next to me in church APPEARS to be confident and secure means that she is. Who among us doesn't walk around and think, "Man, everyone has it together but me!" We all think that at some point. But it's so not true. We all have our things.

I think that's one reason fellowship is so important. We have to remain open and honest with each other as women if for no other reason than to know we're not alone. And that's important for us ladies! :) We gotta know we're not alone!

Anyway...That's my thought for the day. :) If any of you have been curious about how I've been handling withdrawing from Boston, I will tell you it's been okay! I do wish I had time to do it, and I'm bummed that I won't be there on April 18, but the sanity that has been salvaged has been worth it. haha! :) I'm still running and enjoying it, but it's nice to not have to raise the mileage and have the added stress. So, I'm currently shopping for a half marathon to do in the spring. I do have competitive juices that need to be fed. haha! :)

Okay, I'm out. Hope you have a great Sunday, all! :)


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