Thursday, July 7, 2011

Here we go!

My sister called me and left me a voicemail today that the book is on Ca-ray-zy! To be quite honest with you, I haven't been thinking about the book really at all lately. It's one of those things where you finish it and just kind of let it go. I do that with the magazine, too. Once we send an issue off to the printer, I just kind of lose sight of it until it lands on my desk in printed form. Then, I just kind of shove it in my file and keep working on the next issue. It's almost sad, really. That's when the magazine just begins to work!

Probably the same way with the book, huh? :) It's really just beginning it's journey. What I've been working on for a year is just getting ready to do its damage. Praise God! This is what all the work was for! :) Now the message He laid on our hearts is about to be released into the world, hopefully to share His truth with readers. What does it really mean to be YOUR best for GOD and GOD alone? Two messages in there...

1. That God calls us to be OUR best, not the best in the world. He designed us uniquely and only asks that we do the best we can with what He's given us specifically. (Plus, isn't the "best in the world" completely subjective, anyway? Who determines who is the "best"? Everyone has a different opinion. Why not base YOUR best in His truth? That doesn't change.)

2. It's about being your best for GOD. Not for fickle man. Not for personal glory. It's all about Him. There's no need for earthly approval when you have the love and acceptance of the Heavenly Father! :) Hallelujah! We can be free from that pressure to perform!

You know, just thinking about it does make me a little excited. :) That's kind of cool to be able to share that with the world through the faith stories of athletes and coaches. What a blessing!

So, if you would pray for this as it gets going, that would be awesome! :) Let's see what holes God will punch in the darkness through this. Thank You, Jesus!


P.S. If you wanna check it out on, click the book cover in the right column of this page! :)

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