Friday, November 2, 2012

Wake up, women!

It makes me mad when I see girls heading down the same path that I have chosen for so many years regarding food and body weight. In fact, it makes me want to scream. Young, beautiful, intelligent, godly women who are being lured into the same trap of the enemy that I've been battling for decades. It's not fair!! It makes me so mad! I just want to grab them by the shoulders and say, "Wake up!! It's not too late for you! Turn around and face Jesus right now!! Choose Him and His freedom before you get sucked into this deadly trap!"

Oh, how I long to beat up on the enemy, too. How he could tell some of these girls who are just so gorgeous inside and out that they are worthless or that they have to maintain a certain appearance in order to be valuable. What a lying, deceiving, evil creature he is, and I wish there was some way for me to write in neon colors in the sky that everything he's saying isn't true.

Girls, did you know that getting fat isn't the end of the world? It's true! Life really will go on if you gain a few pounds. Seriously! You will still be loved and accepted by those in your closest circles and you will still be able to wake up in the presence of God each morning! It seriously isn't that big of a deal! Of course I'm not saying you should be unhealthy, but your body weight can not and will not affect your identity in Christ. God made you as a brilliant daughter of the King, and it DOES NOT MATTER what the scale says.

This whole trap is just that: a trap. It's a deadly device of Satan that is so effectively being used to lull women of God into a deep sleep. We believe his lines and wind up bowing down to merciless idols of performance, exercise, food and weight, forsaking the life that Christ has for us.

Oh, women. How much more there is. . . Don't you see it? Don't you want it? You CAN have it! But the choice has to be yours. You have to be the one to tell the enemy that you won't believe him anymore. No one will do that for you. God will speak His truth to you through His Word and His Spirit, but you have to heed it. If you do, you will experience life to the full. If you don't, you will experience a stale existence of control, fear and misery.

Wake up!! Wake up!! Wake up!! Don't let him have you! Let Jesus have you! He's the one who is actually FOR you! He loves you, and He won't hurt you! Just trust Him. I know it's hard, but take a step of faith and give His way a try. For your own good! For your own future! For the life you want and were created to live!

Women with eating disorders and exercise addictions, I'm speaking directly to you. It's not real!! It's all a lie designed to destroy you. Wake up and face Jesus before it's too late. You still have time. You're not too far gone. But refuse to take one more step down the path of the one who is trying to KILL you. Turn around and RUN to the arms of the One who is trying to FREE you. Live for Him! Let Him live in you! CHOOSE LIFE! You're so worth it! :)

And let me tell you. . . If this has ANYTHING to do with men, the man of God who is designed for you will not care how much you eat or how far you run. He will care how much you love and how close you are to Christ.

Listen, it's okay to be healthy, but we all know there's a huge difference between being healthy and being trapped. You know it if it's you. And the choice to remain in the chains is yours. Christ has unlocked the key to the chains. It's your choice whether or not you will lay them down or keep holding onto them like a slave.

I pray you embrace your freedom today. Lay your chains down. Stop believing the LIES and believe the truth of God's Word that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and so dearly loved. Follow Him and walk away.

- Jill

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  1. Keep following and listening to truth, Jill! I am SO proud of you for seeking help and getting healthy! Keep listening to the truth and shouting out the lies! You are beautiful inside and out just the way the Lord created you to be. Praying for you as you continue to walk the path to healthy living!!