Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tae Bo and Testimonies

You won't believe who I met this morning. Billy Blanks!! The Tae Bo master himself!! I was totally star-struck. haha! :) I kept it cool, of course, and just casually introduced myself as we were both waiting to go on the KCTV5 morning show, but inside I was doing cartwheels. I wanted to say, "I love you!! My college friends and I used to do Tae Bo every day in tiny dorm rooms at KU. You helped me keep the freshman 15 to just 15!" haha! :) (Could have been less if I'd eaten just a little bit less Lucky Charms, but still...)

Anyway, just had to share that. :)

So, yeah! I had the great opportunity to be on the local CBS station this morning to share about the book and the purpose and inspiration for it. What an awesome opportunity to tell about how Christ has worked in the lives of some of these athletes and coaches. And big thanks to Mark Boyle for the great interview, Matt the sound guy for hooking me up with the mic, and the sweet production girl who came down to let me in the building when I was locked out. haha! :) KCTV5 rocks! :)

You know, the more interviews I do about this, the more I'm seeing how the Lord is using it. I didn't realize when I wrote it just how much the stories of sports heroes really do make a difference to the people who follow them. I know. You'd think I would get that after 10 years in the Christian sports journalism business, but every once in a while it just hits home in a new way.

This past week of doing radio and TV interviews has given me the opportunity to tell about REAL stories of God's love and transformation. I loved what a woman said to me this week about how God gives us two things--His Word and our testimonies--to evidence His presence. HE IS REAL! He has shown Himself so faithful and powerful in the lives of so many, and praise God that we can tell of His works! What a blessing! It's seriously humbling.

One of the side opportunities I was given this week was the chance to teach a workshop at the Heart of America Christian Writers Association meeting. (Thanks, Jeanette!) It was so much fun! (And a HUGE thanks to the Mighty Man for going with me and sitting in the front row. I loved that more than anything.) :) At the meeting, I had the chance to share tips on writing profile articles with a group of about 30 Christian writers. It was a blast to be able to share some of what God's taught me over the years, and it was fun to hear the feedback from some of them, as well. But what I didn't expect was how much it would encourage me regarding how important it is to share His stories.

Romans 10:14 really hit home during the meeting. It says, "How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?"

Wow. What an awesome reminder of why we need to share what God has done in our lives! Or, in my case and all of you who are gifted to write, to share also what He has done in the lives of others. It's a huge blessing and privilege to be skilled with language arts, because, through us, we are able to help share God's power and love in a clear way. Not everyone is gifted with the ability to write, just like I'm not gifted with the ability to hit a baseball or crunch numbers or work on cars. And that's okay! That's why the Body of Christ is made up of so many different and amazing parts! We all work together to share His glory!

What a great reminder this week. Praise God for the ability to share His truth, speak His name and proclaim His love. Hallelujah! Thank You, Lord! And I want to encourage all of you out there to do the same. It's so true that He gives us His Word and our testimony in order to build the Kingdom and bring others to faith in Him. Whether you can write, speak, sing, dance, cook, preach, fix cars, paint walls, or throw a baseball, use your skills to communicate His presence in your life. Give Him glory in all things and don't be afraid to speak His name. It's okay! People are hungry for it, whether they know it or not.

As for me, I'll keep writing with the fresh enthusiasm and asking Him to make Himself known through it. And hopefully, you'll stay with me along the way! :) I love you all and am so thankful for any chance to encourage you. Know you are loved by the Most High God today! The one who bridged the gap of sin for us through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! Live loved today. :)

Ciao, friends!

P.S. Check out the KCTV5 interview here: You just have to scroll through them to find mine, but it's easy. :)

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  1. Wayne Simeon in your book? My husband helped work one of his summer bball camps this year (Called to Greatness camp) and thought he was an amazing man with a great testimony!