Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 100...

Day 100! haha! That's even more awesome than day 99! :) And...So was today's run! (*sigh*) How many words for "wonderful" are there in the English language? :) I'd use every last one of them to describe this morning's 14-mile run. It was marvelous, fantastic, phenomenal, amazing, beautiful, stellar, terrific, sensational! :) Totally not exaggerating.

Why was this run so amazing? Because ALL of the factors were just there!

1. No physical pain. Anywhere.
2. PERFECT temperature. (upper 50s-low 60s)
3. Not a cloud in the sky.
4. Late-morning (i.e. Jill was well-slept.)
5. 14 miles is nothing for a long run compared to the 18, 22, 18 of the last three weeks.
6. I knew that it was the last long run before the marathon.
7. I got to run in my race-day clothes and they worked great!

Today was just one of those days when you feel more blessed than you could imagine. Days like today make all the tough runs more than worth it. So that when you get a day like today, it's one of the most awesome experiences you will ever have. And you better believe I'm going to enjoy today, because after today is over, the taper begins. And, friends, let me tell you...Taper week is TOUGH. You're not running as much, so you've got tons of energy building up. You're getting anxious for the race and you aren't able to run it out. It's SO hard! Please pray for my sanity and peace. :)

After today's run, I did something I'd never done before. I took an ice bath. Well, it wasn't exactly an ice bath, but a really-cold-water bath. My legs were so warm all over that instead of trying to cover them ice bags in every place I needed to, I just loaded the tub with cold water and jumped in. YEEEEEEOWZA! hahaha! That was SO cold! I called my friend Amy, and she talked me through it. :) haha! She had 14 miles to run this morning, too, and cranked out an AMAZING pace! So, we swapped awesome stories and laughed and cheered together. Before I knew it, 15 minutes had passed and I was able to get out of the cold prison. :) See what friends can do? :) Thanks, Amy. :) SO proud of you!

Okay...I gotta scoot. Got a hot "date" with another buddy down on the Plaza today. Can't wait to experience more of this day! :) It's off to a great start!

OH! And a HUGE shout out to my racing buddies today! Turk, I just got your message. WHAT THE??? Your pace and time were killer!! :) SO proud of you! Way to go!! And, here's to Steve, Sean and Ryan, who took on the Olathe Marathon this morning. Can't wait to hear how you did!

Let me just finish by saying thanks to the Lord. Today was just outstanding. Thank You, Lord. :) Every good and perfect thing comes from above. (James 1:17)

Prayer Requests:
1. For recovery from today's great run.
2. For physical protection and healing on my legs (feet, hamstrings, blisters and knees).
3. For the taper week mentality and peace.
4. For our military--that God would give them with unexpected blessings today.
5. For Military Ministry and their continued ability to resource and equip our chaplains and troops.
6. For great rest tonight and tomorrow!

Love you all!

P.S. I still need a few prayer warriors to take on the task of praying for a specific mile of the race. Would you be one? Send me a Facebook message or e-mail or text and let me know! Thanks so much, team!

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  1. Hey, count me in to pray for you during a specific mile near the end of the race. I will also be praying for the military men, women and family members whose names will be written on your race shirt inside the Military Ministry logo. High-5 Sister, and keep up the good work!! Lots of love and prayers your way.