Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 104...

Praise God for the newest member of the race team! :) Little Chase was born last night to the most outstanding set of parents. :) Congratulations, guys!! YAY for a new life brought into the world who will be brought up to glorify the Lord! :)

With only three REAL days of running left, I decided to use today's as a rehersal for two things:

1. Running with arm-warmers. Yessssssssss!!! :) HOLY cow! These puppies are AWESOME! :) Ashley, thank you SO much! They're basically just sleeves that you put on your arms so that you don't have to wear a long-sleeved jersey and can take them off when you get hot. All the elite runners wear them in races, and they make you look like a running stud. NOT good for a girl who battles pride. hahaha! I felt like Ryan Hall! :) But these are going to be a vital and awesome part of the race-day jersey. I'll be able to run in the tank without freezing to death. Thanks, Ash! :)

2. Practicing the warm-up pace. I've been so blessed by training ground that mimics the Boston course's rolling hills. I feel really good about being able to tackle the course that apparently "chews up" runners. But there's one thing I haven't practiced: running slow. My body is pretty good at running my race pace, but I know that at the beginning of the marathon, I'm going to need to run about 8:20 miles for the first five. The most challenging part is that I'll be going downhill the whole way. How do people do that?? It's SO hard not to just run-and-gun on the downhills! I found that out this morning. I really had to focus in order to keep my pace slow after the first mile (which I always take easy). My body wouldn't settle at an 8:20 pace. It would either dip to sub-8 or go to 8:45. haha! :) Be praying about that for me, if you can. It's a REALLY important part of the race strategy.

Feeling good, team. Feeling good! Feeling very blessed and ready! :) Making plans for Boston with my momsy and getting ready for this beast! :) Your prayers and encouragement are SO appreciated as this week hits the midway point. Especially for the pending travel and peace of mind.

I gotta scoot. Gotta get to work so I can get everything done and go see my new nephew! :) Get ready, Chase! Aunt Jill is coming to shower you with kisses! :) haha! Poor kid. :)

Prayer Requests:
-For a specific soldier and his wife I learned about yesterday who are battling hard-core with PTSD. Pray that he will receive counseling help and that their marriage will be restored!
-For healing on my hamstrings and feet and protection over the knees.
-For the glycogen stores in my muscles to start getting refueled. (Carbo load begins today!)
-For Military Ministry and the last week of our fundraising. (Still time to donate! Click the link under my picture.)
-For the 8-miler tomorrow!
-For our Boston travel.

Thanks so much, all! :) Much love!

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