Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 93...

Oy. Be glad that you weren't out on the road with me today. I was sure cranky! It was one of those days when I was pretty much ready to be done with the run before I started. In fact, I don't remember much from the road other than trying to focus on not being peeved that I was out there at all. I was acting like such a baby! (Thank You, Lord, that I was alone today. haha!) There were a few shining moments when I was able to praise Him and be thankful that I was out there and living my dream, but those were definitely shining moments and not the majority of the thoughts.

Still, the pace went great! 18 miles at a 7:52 pace. That's pretty much where I want the marathon pace to be, and I felt pretty good physically at the end of it. I could have gone another 8 miles if I'd had to. And I was able to rehearse the race-day fueling process. I'm going with the two-Sport-Beans-every-two-miles routine. Oh, how I do love Sport Beans--the sweet/salty electrolyte-infused jelly beans for runners. Today's flavor was orange. I'm really fond of the multi-flavor packs they have now, though. I think I'll take those to Boston and stash two packs in my running shorts so I can pop 'em in as I float down the road from Hopkington to Boston. :)

Well, team, there we have it! The last long run of the marathon training season is in the books! And, I think that's one of the reasons I was so mentally toasted today. I'm ready for this race to be here! I'm mentally pretty much done with the training. I'm ready to race!

Several of my best friends have kids, and we've had fun discussions about how marathons and marathon training are so similar to pregnancy. Those nine months get loooooong for moms, just like the training periods do for runners. Toward the middle, you have a hump to make it over, and once you get close to the end, you are just ready for it to be over. It's hard to rein yourself in mentally so that you can make it through the last few days/weeks without getting super cranky and impatient.

That's going to be one of my biggest challenges in the next two weeks and two days: staying relaxed mentally. My mind is ready to race. The hard training is over, and the taper is starting, but I still have two weeks left. I'm really going to have to pray that the Lord gives me patience and peace. That way, I'll be able to survive the end of this without going crazy. haha! :)

In fact...Let's pray! :)

"Lord, I thank You for the run today. I confess a wrong attitude and ask Your forgiveness. I choose to praise You now and thank You for the ability to run. Thank You for keeping me safe and healthy. Thank You for the sunshine and the pace. Thank You for my sister's drive-by water run. Thank You for the dirt roads of Central Kansas. Thank You for my race team now as they read this! Thank You for all You have done to bring us to this point. Father, please bring this to a close with Your excellence and grace. I ask that You would give me Your peace and patience for the taper period. Help me to focus on why I'm doing this at all: to bring You glory and to bless our military with Your love. Thank You for purpose. Thank You for grace and mercy and divine duct tape. :) We love you, Lord. And we pray in the name of Jesus. Amen."

Ongoing requests:
-For healing on the right foot and right hamstring.
-For protection over the left knee and left foot (new blister).
-For recovery from the run today.
-For peace and patience.
-For our troops and that every dollar we've raised to be used to bring Christ to them.
-For Military Ministry and their continued outreach.
-For rest tomorrow and that we would all encounter Christ on the day we celebrate His resurrection!! :)

Happy, happy, happy Easter, everyone! :) Jesus is risen! We are free from sin and death! HALLELUJAH! :)


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