Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 105...

Well, we're in the depths of the infamous taper week. And I'm proud to say that I survived something more difficult than an 8-mile run today: an hour on the elliptical. haha! :) I was scheduled to get 8 in today, but yesterday the anterior tibial tendon on my left foot started to ache. It was still there this morning after icing it yesterday, so I went to the cross-trainer.

Now, on a typical week of training, I would have powered through it by finding a flat place to run. (This ache is caused by hills.) But this is not a typical week. It's marathon week! :) There's no point in powering through and arriving to the starting line wounded. So, if you would pray for this "snag" and for my peace of mind, I would appreciate it so much!

I got a CLEAR reminder of why we're doing what we're doing the other day. A friend of mine sent me a message about a military couple she knows who is struggling badly right now. He just returned from deployment and is in a tough battle with PTSD. As a result, his marriage is crumbling. Both he and his wife are at the end of their rope. My friend contacted me to see if Military Ministry could help. YES!!! They can! We were able to connect on how Military Ministry offers a call center and the services of a military chaplain, who is also a certified counselor. Praise God!! Plus, they have free Rapid Deployment Kits and Psalm 91 books for soldiers, and they also supply combat trauma healing manuals free to unit chaplains. I was able to relay all of this to my buddy, who, in turn, is relaying it to her friends and putting them in touch with the counselor at Military Ministry.

PRAISE GOD!!! :) :) :) Faith to the foxhole...Hope on the homefront. That's why we've been doing what we're doing! And I got word yesterday that we've now raised more than $3,200 for the spiritual needs of the troops!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you belive it?? Hallelujah!! :) :) God is so good. Thank You, Lord! May there be great healing as a result of this and of the generosity of the folks who have given.

Prayer Requests:
-For healing on the left anterior tibial tendon.
-For physical protection over the rest of the body, especially both hamstrings and my right foot and left knee.
-For this specific soldier and his family to receive the healing touch of Jesus, and for their marriage to be restored.
-For the run tomorrow to be pain-free and joyful!
-For peace of mind through all the plans and preparations of the trip.

Thanks so much, team! Much love! :)

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