Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 102...

Runners are liars. :) We don't do it on purpose, of course, we just get carried away. For instance, ask us how the run was on a beautiful 50-degree morning. "Perfect! Perfect weather!" we'll exclaim. Ask us again after a 70-degree afternoon run. "Perfect! Perfect weather!" we'll say again. We don't know. hahaha! There's a range of about 25 degrees that we love to run in, and we'll tell you every last one of them is perfect. :)

So, how was today's run for me? PERFECT! :) :) hahaha! :) Great 6-miler. Great pace. PERFECT 55-degree weather with an even more perfect (actually, more perfect isn't possible) no wind. :) Had an absolute blast! :) It was a great way to kick off the LAST WEEK OF TRAINING! One week from today! :)

There's one more thing that most runners will lie about. And that is about idolatry. "Do you hold running in a misplaced perspective in your life? Have you ever idolized a race or your pace?" "No, not me." Liar. :) haha! Let me explain...

First, thanks for letting me be really honest yesterday morning in the blog. It really helped me understand where I was mentally with this whole thing. God's been doing a lot in me over the last week, and I'm thankful that He has. I would never want to steal Boston or any part of it from Him, and I think that's where I was heading.

After yesterday's blog, I went to church, and our pastor gave an AWESOME sermon on the prodigal son and the idolatry of his heart. He talked about putting second-place things in first place (where God belongs). As I sat there listening, I realized that's what had happened...again. As much as I am called to this race, I know that I started to hold on to it too tightly for ME. You heard me say yesterday that I still wanted this race for myself on a certain level. Yep! There it is. Right there. My heart still idolizing the Boston Marathon.

At the end of the sermon, our pastor gave an invitation for anyone who needed to confess an idol to come down to the front and pray with one of the counselors about it. "Don't hesitate!" he said. Well, I'm sure I freaked out both of my small group leaders as I bolted down toward the front. haha! :) I got a few looks from some of my friends. "Is she getting saved?" :) I laughed to myself all the way down to the front. :)

When I got down there, I told a nice lady about how I was harboring an idol that needed to take a back seat to Jesus. I told her that it was the marathon. She prayed the most amazingly spot-on prayer. :) Thank you Miss Counselor, whoever you are! :) Then, I went back to my seat. And I tell you what...You want to talk about peace. :) That felt awesome to lay it back down at His feet. I know that's where it was when we started, but I'd picked it back up again. I was a prodigal son returning home. :)

So, how does that affect this week and the marathon? It means that the pressure is off!! :) This really is about the Lord, after all! :) I've been so protective of it this whole time because it was an idol. Now, I'm running with a renewed sense of peace that He really IS in control. And that HIS will is going to be done. I'm still going to pray for a great finish and success, but I know that God is good no matter what. :) He's the kind of loving Father who welcomes prodigals back with open arms. I know that He's the kind of Father who will love me whether or not I ever cross another finish line again. :) Thank You, Lord!

Prayer Requests:
-For peace of mind during taper week! :)
-For healing on the right foot.
-For protection over the left knee and both hamstrings and left blisters.
-For the tempo run tomorrow! :)
-For our troops and for Military Ministry. I love you all and am excited to race on your behalf! :)
-For the details of the weekend to come together.

Love you all!

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