Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 98...

Gorgeous run today! The last of the 12-mile tempo runs is in the books at a 7:41 average. Not too bad! And the split was way negative with the last three being in the 7:20s. A really good time! And the weather was unreal. SO beautiful. About 38 degrees, NO wind, and a gorgeous sunrise. :)

Friends, today I'm going to be honest with you all again. I'm LONELY! haha! I laugh, but only because it sounds funny when I say it in my head. :)

I mentioned a long time ago that I wanted to apologize up-front to my friends if I went absent for the next few weeks as training progressed. Well, in order to stay healthy and do this well, that's what I did. I've tried to be diligent in putting myself in bed on time in order to wake up early to run and still have energy to work during the day. I've tried to be diligent with my diet and put healthful and nourishing foods in my body, which has involved eating at home most nights so I can cook for myself.

All of those have been GOOD for marathon training, and have produced amazing physical results with awesome times and endurance! And, that lifestyle is pretty typical for folks in marathon training. BUT, many marathon trainers have families at home. As a single girl, that's put me at home in an empty apartment many nights. Again, I don't regret it, but I do have to admit that it's been difficult on my psyche. I am really looking forward to just going out to dinner and a movie with friends without having to be home by 8:30.

The good news is that the Lord has been teaching me a LOT about the benefits of solitude. I mentioned it yesterday in the blog, and this morning's quiet time verse was about Jesus retreating into solitude to communicate with the Father. So, for the last few days that I'm in training, I am going to focus on the GOOD part of all this time alone. God is always with me, and He has a purpose for solitude. May I grow closer to Him and be brave enough and disciplined enough to pursue Him with the time.

That being said, here's one more apology to my circle of friends: Please don't hate me if I overwhelm you with communication when I get back from Boston and ask you to hang out every five minutes. :) haha! Just look at it as flattery in that I've missed you! Who knows? Maybe I'll finally host that party at my apartment to celebrate my move...that happened back in January. :) If so, you're all invited! I'll keep you posted.

Prayer Requests:
-For healing on the right hamstring and right foot.
-For protection over the left knee and left hamstring.
-For recovery from this awesome run.
-For our troops! God bless you all who miss YOUR friends when you're deployed.
-For Military Ministry and their continued provision.
-For the recovery run tomorrow.

Love you all! Have an awesome day! :)

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  1. Don't forget to keep an eye on the Military Ministry Prayer Guide online and pray specifically for the needs shown daily. The callers who submitted their heart-felt prayer needs, are counting on us to keep them lifted before the throne of God. We all need prayer and support from one iron sharpens iron. I pray endless blessings flow to and through you today, Sister Jill.