Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 107...

There you have it! The running is complete. :) Last one is in the books. It's game time! :) Went out for an easy run this morning before Ashley picks me up for the airport. I can't say that it was a peaceful or fun run--I've got a lot to think about, and my thoughts are going nuts!--but it is done! And now, it's time to race! :) I'm so excited to get to Boston! Bean Town, here we come! :)

Yesterday was pretty emotional. As I get ready to do this, I'm getting so much encouragement that is just blessing my socks off. My co-workers put up signs for me in my office yesterday and let me run through a mock finish banner. :) Then, Ashley put together a surprise "Book of Encouragement" for me, complete with notes from my friends and family. (THANK YOU ALL if you wrote one!) I started to read it last night, got through the first one, which is from my sister, and started bawling. :) I put it away and decided to read more later. :) That will make for some amazing reading throughout the weekend. To everyone who contributed to that: THANK YOU.

Another emotional experience? I started writing the names of soldiers on my jersey last night. Wow. Some of them I know, some of them I don't. But I'm so humbled by what they do. The fact that I can carry them with me on the race...What a blessing. It's so humbling to be running on their behalf. It is their service and sacrifice that started this whole thing. The Holy Spirit has moved in me, and in all of us I think, to consider what they do and how we can serve them. And to think that running can do that is just amazing to me.

Friends, as I head off to Boston, would you be in prayer very intentionally this weekend? There are two things at which I fall very short: peace and physical rest. Please pray that the Lord would overcome my anxious thoughts and give me the peace that passes all understanding. And please pray for sleep. It's a thorn in my side, and I will need it. Thank you all so much. We're almost there!! :)

Other prayer requests (beware...there's a lot):
-For traveling mercies for me and Mom.
-For the aforementioned peace and sleep.
-For my left knee. Of all days, of course, it chose to flare up yesterday. Sharp pains. Pray for healing!
-For physical protection on the rest of the body and for proper pre-race fueling.
-For my ability to love those around me this weekend.
-For the mental preparation for the race.
-For the weather on race day. Doesn't look so good at the moment!
-For an understanding of the Boston public transportation system.
-For a quiet hotel room.
-For OUR TROOPS. That they would be blessed by the resources we've funded!
-For Military Ministry. That they would be highlighted through this and God would raise up new supporters of the ministry.

Okay...That's about it. haha! I'm off to the airport! :) Talk to you from Boston tomorrow! :)

Thank you all so much for humbling me with your teamwork and encouragement. I love you guys!

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