Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 106...

The reunion with the road was so sweet this morning. I hadn't run in a pleasant rain in a while. It was coming down softly and really making the run pleasant. I did, however, hit a stretch of 1.5 miles of a 20-mph headwind, which did NOT warn me about (haha!), but it was alright. The fact that I was out there and feeling good was good enough for me! :)

As much as I don't like to do it, I really think I need to add in a mandatory day of cross training to my schedule. It does many great things to keep my body healthy and balanced, but it does one important thing spiritually. It keeps running in perspective.

I was journaling last night about Merle's sermon on Sunday and how we all tend to put "second-place" things in first place. When I run EVERY day, I begin to feel somewhat like I need it. Like I find my identity and security in running. While running is a gift from God, it also can become a god in itself. Just like anything, I suppose. I'm learning that idols are whatever we attach ourselves to that is NOT God. I think running will always tempt me in that way until I learn how to balance it. And, like I said, by cross-training once a week, I am reminded that I don't HAVE to run. It's not my security. God is.

Okay...All that being said...THREE DAYS!!!!!! :) :) :) We're down to three days!! :) :) Can you believe it? All this way, and we're rounding the home stretch! My tendon feels really good today (so far) after a day of cross-training yesterday, and the run went well today. I have a short run tomorrow morning, a day off on Sunday and then a race! (Yes, I switched running days from Saturday to Sunday to alleviate one item of stress and running in a city.)

If you haven't signed up to track me during the race, you can still do that online at And there's still time to give to the cause, too! Like I mentioned yesterday, we're up to $3,245, and I received several donations this week still. Praise God! :) Great is His faithfulness. He is using this to bring Christ to those who need it. Thank You, Lord!

Prayer Requess:
-For physical healing on my legs and feet, and for physical protection on the last run tomorrow.
-For the packing and wisdom in what to bring to Boston.
-For recovery from this run.
-For our military and the specific soldiers and families God will reach through these donations.
-For Military Ministry to be equipped to meet all the needs that are presented to them.
-For rest and sleep for me leading up to the race!
-For traveling mercies for me and my Momsy! :)

Thanks so much team!! :) Much love!

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