Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 99...

Day 99. That has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? 99 days we've been at this. 99 days of hard-fought training. 99 days of putting motion to a cause that is dear to us all. 99 days of praying for strength, healing and endurance. 99 days. Awesome. :) Praise God.

The run today was fantastic. Chilly out, no wind. I was SUPER tired when I woke up this morning, which is pretty typical for a Friday, but God gave me strength to get out the door and even enjoy the 6.3 miles. There aren't many of these left, so I'm soaking up each one!

Side note: I ran to some new music today, including Krystal Meyers' "Make Some Noise" CD and a few songs from Matt Maher: "Christ is Risen" and "Alive Again." AWESOME stuff. Krystal Meyers is a total rock chick. Loved it! Matt Maher you've probably heard on K-LOVE, but I'd not heard "Christ is Risen" until our magazine designer told me about it. Awesome song.

By now you might have gotten an e-mail from me or seen the Facebook note about all the race day information. If you haven't, go to my Facebook page and check it out. It's got all the information you need for the day of the race. Though, I did forget to tell my bib number in it. That is 14349. :)

In the note, you'll see that I'm trying to gather two things: names and pray-ers.

First, as I mentioned before, I'm running with the names of specific soldiers on my race jersey. If you have a name you'd like me to include, send it my way! I will carry his or her name down the streets of Boston with pride! :)

Second, I'm hoping to cover each mile of the marathon with prayer and am looking for volunteers to pray over one specific mile of the race. If you would be willing to take a mile and pray over it for me, would you message me and let me know that, as well? Either comment on this note, e-mail or Facebook me. Then, I'll let you know your mile this weekend!

We're almost there, guys! Thanks SO much for all your encouragement and prayers. Praying you all have an outstanding Friday! :) Don't forget that Jesus loves you today!

Prayer Requests:
-For enough names of soldiers to fill up the jersey.
-For healing on the right hammy and foot.
-For physical protection and endurance.
-For the coming taper week. (Peace of mind.)
-For our troops, who are models of endurance and strength for us all.
-For Military Ministry and additional funding to come in for the cause.
-For the last long run of the training period tomorrow!! :)

Thanks so much, friends! Much love!

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