Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 97...

There are several marathoners in my office, and whenever we pass each other in the halls, it's not rare for us to drop 15 minutes talking about paces, races and strategies. Yesterday, though, one of my buddies and I talked about the deeper side of running--the God side. He described running as "sacred," which I think is the most perfect description of it for those of us who love the Lord and the road.

I think one of the reasons running becomes sacred to us is because of the solitude it offers. Solitude is a lost art. Even if we're alone, we always have a cell phone or iPod or computer. We are always plugged in and connected. But when we run, we are alone with God. (Or at least, we CAN be. The pavement doesn't require an iPod.) This morning, after my talk with Steve, I took the opportunity to ditch the music and just be with the Lord. What a sweet time it was. He guided my thoughts and prayers and revealed several things that I wouldn't have learned without getting away to listen to Him. Thank You, Lord, for 6.3 miles of communion with You. :)

Great news for the race team! My mom called yesterday that one of the local unions in McPherson is giving $250!!! :) :) :) HALLELUJAH!! That's 25 combat trauma manuals or 76 Rapid Deployment Kits!!! :) :) :) Thank you union workers!! :) I will have to get the official union name and publicly thank them.

God is providing. Little by little! He's bringing in the funds to bless our troops. He's bringing light to the issues they face. He's bringing prayer warriors on board to cover them. All through a simple little marathon! What an amazing God we serve that He would take the act of running and use it to save souls and heal wounds. He is amazing. :)

Regarding the funding, there's still quite a bit to be raised. I would appreciate your prayers for that. AND if you have any creative ideas for fundraising, send 'em my way!

OH! One more thing...I'm getting ready to make my race jersey. (YAY!) One thing I want to do is to write the names of specific soldiers on the jersey. I want this race to be an act of prayer to the Lord on behalf of those who are closest to our hearts. So...Please e-mail/Facebook me the name of a soldier and I'll write his or her name on my jersey. Let's lift them up in prayer!!

Speaking of prayer...

Prayer Requests:
-For healing on the right hamstring and right foot.
-For protection over the left knee and hamstring.
-For the 12-mile tempo run tomorrow.
-For our wounded warriors--that they would be healed spiritually and physically.
-For Military Ministry and their funding. They have a lot of requests for waterproof Bibles lately. Pray for that specifically!
-For race day! It's fast approaching!! :)

Thank you all so much! Love you!
-Jill :)

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