Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 14...

Cool that we're two weeks in already. :) Very cool. Only 14 to go! Seems like a lot, but these weeks seem to tick off steadily without my noticing--just like the miles of a marathon. Before you know it, you're almost done!

The peaceful wake-up of the non-running day is something I look forward to every week. It's a HUGE highlight, actually. :) Just being able to lay there and roll around until I feel like getting up is the most wonderful feeling. (FYI: I'm not a late enough sleeper to ever have to worry about sleeping through church. My late mornings rarely go past 9.) Today, waking up in the comfort of my parents' house just made it all that much better. I had the most wonderful weekend with them celebrating my mom's birthday, and it was so full of priceless moments. I'm so thankful for my family. :)

I just finished up a devotion this morning that had to do with peace and worry. Both things I, like many others, battle on a daily basis. Okay, I don't BATTLE peace itself, but I have to fight for it. Seems odd to have to fight for peace, doesn't it? But I think you know what I mean.

Anyway, it talked about how we tend to rehearse our troubles over and over before we actually have to go through them. The difficulties of the day are only meant to be lived once, but when we don't surrender them to the Lord and trust Him to take care of them, we experience them multiple times before we actually have to deal with them. When, if we would simply give up our challenging moments to the Lord--the ones we know we will have to go through--we wouldn't waste all of our peaceful moments on needless worry.

Personally, that's certainly something I'm going to really pray gets worked into my heart and mind. That I can put that into practice. It relates to me on so many levels, but specifically running. I generally start "worrying" about the next day's run the night before, or even days before, when there's absolutely NO reason for it. God only intends me to go through it once, and He promises to be with me every time. No need to wrestle with it beforehand.

So, that's one thing I'm asking for regarding prayer. If you read this and can pause 5 seconds to pray and ask God to work His peace into my mind in a greater way, I would SO appreciate it.

You guys are Hope you enjoy a great day with Him today! :)


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