Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 18...

I must give a huge shout-out to my apartment complex workers. When I went to the gym this morning at 6:00 they were already out there slugging away at the snow on the sidewalks. Thanks so much, guys! You helped this little marathon trainer get in her 10-mile tempo run this morning without having to wade through 9 inches of snow.

Yesssssss! 10-mile tempo run for the week is in the books. A great finishing time of 1:11:40, which averaged out to 7:10/mile. Because I wanted to best myself from last week, I kicked it up super fast on the last mile, which was awesome. Felt great all the way around! Thank You, Lord! :)

This past week I've really been thinking about the lyrics of the music I run to. One of my absolute FAVORITE running songs is Lenny Kravitz's (Kravitz'?) "Why Are We Running?" That song has one of the best running beats in the history of the planet, and it asks a very good question over and over: "Why are we running?" Fun for us who are literally running at the moment.

I have zero clue about Lenny Kravitz's (Kravitz'?) faith or spiritual belief, but he has a line in that song about the road being narrow and hoping we all get home, which I believe is a reference to Heaven and Christ. Again, I am not touting that Lenny's a Christian, but I've heard him talk about Jesus before, so I know he puts Him in some of his songs.

How interesting is it that Lenny Kravitz would have a more spiritually sound lyric than a Christian band who tells us to mail-order our love from a cloud in the sky? Just an interesting thought. But, I guess I should also mention that in this same song, Lenny talks about keeping our "booty" in the air. hahaha! :) That probably cancels this out for play on K-LOVE. :)

Hey, I hope you're all having a great week and staying safe if you're in the snow like we are. If you think about it, be in prayer for me as the weekend approaches and I look for a place to run 15 miles. I'm really pretty sure it's going to be on the treadmill, and that's going to be super hard. But if there is prayer support going in, I know I'll be better equipped with the patience to slug it out! :)

Thanks, friends. Have a great Thursday!

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