Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 25...

Man, what a cool run this morning. God is so good!

Last night was another restless night. Okay, so I'm writing a book, and it's due this week. I don't know if that's been weighing on my mind to the point of not being able to sleep or what, but I just couldn't shut my brain off last night. And THEN, my German neighbor was "uber" loud again! Double-whammy on the sleep cycle.

But, get this! I eventually did fall asleep (probably around midnight), and woke up completely full of energy at 5 a.m.! That is only divine. Thank You, God. There's no way I should feel this good. But it showed up on the treadmill. I clocked in the 10-miler at 71:36 for a 7:09 average pace.

The first mile was a warm-up, then, since it was a tempo run, I just found about three paces and settled in. I did the next mile at around 7:25, then upped it to 7:09-7:00 until I hit 5 miles. Then I turned it up one notch to 6:56 for the next four. Then, the last one I did a speed ladder from 9.1-10mph. I think that winds up at a 6-flat average. Felt stellar! :)

So, here's a little growth step for me. My training plan said that I was supposed to do 11 miles today. Um, no. That's ridiculous. I had basically just copied my training plan from last year and was following it this spring. But that's stupid. There's no reason for me to start doing 11-milers already when we're only in the middle of week 4. I can start those mid-Feb. Instead of getting insane with this training round, I'm going to play this one a little more casual. Still put in the work, but not go crazy.

No major spiritual revelations from the treadmill other than the fact that God is capable of supplying divine energy even when we don't deserve it. :) I guess it falls in line with the devotion I read last night, which talked about not expecting a problem-free life. Duh! Why do we expect every day to be problem-free and get mad when it's not? Life is FULL of problems. Every day! Hello!? What kind of world do I live in that I wake up and expect the day to go just as I want? That does NOT happen. So, we just need to relax, trust God and respond to each challenge in a way that pleases Him. When we do that, He takes care of the results. Case in point: Problem = no sleep. Solution = God's grace and provision cover me. Rock on. :) No reason to worry!

Okay...Lunch break = over. (I'm loving the = sign today!) I have to work now. :)

Happy Thursday, friends!

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