Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 26...

It's funny how days can start off one way and manifest into something completely different. Today started off so slow and easy. Had a great time casually getting ready for my run. Did a nice, slow, easy recovery run (I was SORE after yesterday's workout! That hasn't happened in a while!). Then I got home in enough time to do some extended time with God while I casually sipped on some coffee and iced my knees.

But...I started to realize as it was getting closer to the time when I needed to leave the apartment, that my "casual" nature was going to cause me to be late if I wasn't careful. And, of course, I realized this at the point where I actually WAS already a little behind. Then, wouldn't you know it, nothing came together right after that. haha! I put on the wrong shirt for the wrong pants. Then, when I found a shirt that worked, I had to try on three different necklaces--none of which worked--before deciding just not to wear one at all.

From there it was just one of those busy/hustled mornings. I fumbled with the coffee on accident, got stuck behind a slow driver once I finally made it out the door, and once I got to work it was non-stop meetings and e-mails from the word "go."

Quite the anthesis of my slow, fun, easy Friday run. :)

But it's interesting. The last athlete I interviewed talked about being able to find God's stillness in the middle of the busyness. How important is that? Our world is busy. That's just not going to change. WE have to be the ones who decide NOT to be busy. Even when we're in meetings and the e-mails are pouring in, we can remain peaceful in our hearts and refuse to let anxiety take over.

It's just like running long distances. There's no point in getting anxious or in a hurry. You just have to find your rhythm, plug in and roll with it. It's all about keeping His peace alive in our hearts and minds. He offers it to us through faith and trust. It's our responsibility to own it.

Well, lunch is over, so I better get back to those e-mails. But I'm praying as I type that the Lord infuses me with His peace as I do.

Another prayer request? That the snow melts enough for the outdoor run tomorrow. They're doing maintenance on our apartment treadmills, anyway, so I have to be outside for the 17-miler. I'd just love to not have to run down the middle of the road for it. haha! :) It's warm enough that it should. But I have no control over that, so I'm just going to ask God and rest in His answer and provision. :)

Ciao, friends!

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