Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 20...

YEE HAW!!!! :) :) :) Long run on the treadmill = done!! :) If any of you prayed for me, THANK YOU! :) It was certainly answered with a capital amount of focus, patience and energy. :)

It was interesting. There were such great moments on there, even when it was tough. I'd find myself looking down at the distance and seeing how far I had yet to go, and I wouldn't let my mind go to a bad place. Instead, I'd just say, "Lord, it's tough right now. That's okay. Thanks for being here with me. Help me have the patience to get through this rough patch." He totally would!

Long runs aren't supposed to be easy. They are supposed to challenge you so that you will grow in mental and physical strength, which you will need for the marathon. Part of training is learning how to handle those tough moments. Today's response was certainly one of the best. Just own the moment. Allow myself to admit that it's hard. Call on the Lord. Let Him answer.

Great training for life right there. That can stinkin' apply to anything! I heart running. :)

So, I have no idea what my time was. The treadmill shut itself off when I wasn't paying attention to the numbers. haha! :) That was a funny moment. I know I was around mile 9.4, but I hadn't looked at the time in a while. What I do know is that, after my warm-up, I stayed at a 7:30 pace for the first five miles and then upped it to 7:24. For the last mile, I increased my speed from there up to an eventual 6:30, which is where I ended. :)

My ultimate prize for the day? Body salt!! :) :) haha! Am I the only runner who loves that? When you finish a long run and the sweat dries on your skin, you get salt residue. It's a great medal of honor. :) And I got body salt today! :)

Well, friends, thanks for the prayers if you prayed. HUGE answer in a great way. :) Survived the run inside and lived to tell about it. Now...On with the Saturday! :)

Ciao, friends!

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