Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 16...

Memo to me: bring a copy of my training plan home with me instead of leaving it in my planner at the office. haha! This morning I put in an extra mile of speedwork because I thought I had 9 instead of 8. :) Oh well. It certainly can't hurt! And with the great pace, I'm sure it will prove beneficial. I finished at 64:10, which averages out to 7:07/mile. But the bigger part of that was the paces that I was able to sustain.

I did a one-mile warm-up, followed by two 2-mile repeats with 1/2 mile recoveries. Then, I did a final 3-mile stretch that went from 6:54/mile to 6-flat. (The 6-flat pace was only for the last quarter mile, so don't get too excited. haha!) Either way, it was a great run! Tough to get started, as usual, but well worth the effort.

The temperature wasn't too bad when I got up, so I had hoped to get outside, but my discernment said that the roads would probably be too slick. Um, correct. Thank You, Lord, for wisdom. As I headed out to my car to drive to the workout room, I almost bit it on the slick pavement. haha! :) I would have DIED trying to run on that! :)

So, just another note about the lesson on love from yesterday. I listened to the same artist on the iPod today and found a song that actually had some great truth in it. "Love is love when it's love in His name. Love is love when you give it away." Those were totally true and awesome lyrics! I was so excited when I heard them. But...then they used the same cheeseball line later in the song. "Love is only love when it comes from above." hahaha! :) Again, where exactly is God in space? Does Heaven have an address on Pluto that I'm not aware of? Oh, well. I guess I'll just take the concept and roll with it. Love is only real love when it is cultivated by the Holy Spirit. I think that's what they might have been driving at. :) And their way does hit beats a little better than mine. :)

Okay, that's it for today. May you all experience the "love from above" in a great and real way! :)

Ciao, friends!

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