Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 24...

Um...54 degrees on Friday??? YES!!!!!! Melt, snow, melt!! haha! That is awesome.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Hope you guys are having a great week so far. I've had better, but it's nothing absurdely terrible.

Last night was a little rough. I happen to live next door to a marvelously loud old German guy who likes to talk (and sing) really loudly every once in a while. Unfortunately, that means that I get ZERO sleep when he does, unless I'm somehow able to convince my subconscious to incorporate his songs into my dreams. Usually doesn't happen. Last night was one of his loud evenings. I don't think he was singing, but he likes to have loud phone coversations. I think he's calling Germany and believes he needs to raise his decibal level in order to make up for the extra distance. So, I didn't sleep much. By the time he was done talking, my heartrate and nerves were so on edge that there was no recovering.

At least it was an easy run day. I managed to enjoy the recovery run and listen to another great message from Robert Morris. He was talking about salvation and he broke it down into past, present and future tenses. One great point he made when he was talking about salvation in the past tense was about the justice of God. Yes, we know that Christ's death pays for our sins, but do we know why? Because God operates in a justice system. Every sin has a penalty that has to be paid. Jesus paid our death penalty for us when He died on the cross. Why does that make us saved? Because in God's justice system, two people can't pay for the same sin. It's just like in our human justice system. Two criminals can't be convicted for the same exact crime.

When Jesus died for us, our sins were paid for. If we've received His payment and surrendered to Him as Lord, we can NOT go to Hell. It would go against God's justice system. How cool is that? I've known this for a long time, but I don't think I ever thought about it in such legal terms. That was a great lesson for the day, and I really feel like I understand the "why's" of salvation a little better.

Again, the blessings of running. :) Time for great podcasts. :)

Tomorrow will be a great 10-mile tempo run. I'm pumped! I love those workouts. If you're out there tonight and feel like praying for me, though, would you ask God to grant me sleep tonight? It's much easier to make it through the day when well-slept. Not that life has to be easy, but it can't hurt to ask. :) Either way, I know God is good and that I'll survive.

Have a great evening, friends!

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