Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 22...

The hardest part of today's run was getting to the gym. Once I was there and on the treadmill, it was awesome! :) The fact that I didn't sleep very well last night made for a tough wake-up call, but it all worked out once the legs started moving and realized that it was worth it. :)

Nice easy run today! I just LOVE Monday runs. They are always just such a refreshing way to ease into the tough week of training. No speed work, no distance. Just a nice little, "Hello, running schedule. Nice to be back on track after rest," kind of situation.

I did listen to a great message on my iPod today, though. My aunt turned me on to a pastor named Robert Morris, and I listened to a message from him about joy this morning. It was great! He talked about three A's that keep us from experiencing God's joy: Actions, Attitudes and Attacks. Actions being our own sins and struggles. Attitudes being when our hearts aren't in line with God's Truth. Attacks being just what they are: assaults from the enemy.

It was a great message for a Monday, that's for sure! As usual, I have a full plate, and that sometimes makes it hard to look forward to the day. But if I really trusted God (and I do) with everything He's called me to, then I don't have to stress. I can let everything stay in His hands, do my best, and relax in that freedom.

Pray that for me? :) haha! It's a great truth, but it's hard to maintain. Especially when 5:00 on Thursday and Friday roll around. haha! :) But it will be SO worth it.

God is awesome. Life is good. Monday is going to keep getting better and better. :)

Love to you all!

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