Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 8...

Greetings from Winter Wonderland!! :) haha! :) It's a most beautiful, snowy day here, and there's no sign of it stopping for a while. SO gorgeous! And you know what makes it even more gorgeous? Treadmills! haha! :) :) Yes, praise God! Because of those marvelous machines, even on days like today, we can still get in our training. Hallelujah! This is one day I'm thankful for technology. :)

Today was a nice-n-easy run to start the week. Wound up going a little over 6 at a slow pace. I think that's going to be the biggest challenge this week--going slowly when I need to. I think I mentioned this earlier that I have a tough time running easy on treadmills. I tend to get bored toward the end, and I really just want to kick up the pace to get done. But that's not good for the ol' body. This will take some self-control! Good thing that's one of the attributes that comes from the Holy Spirit's indwelling presence.

It's definitely going to be a week of treadmill sessions, at least until what looks like Saturday. The snow is supposed to keep up through tomorrow, and then the temperatures are supposed to dip below zero. Now, I'm all about cold-weather running, but it gets dangerous after a while, and I have a personal policy against running in sub-zero temperatures. I don't have the gear for that. haha! And I don't reeeeeally want to experience frostbite. I came way too close two years ago, and that was not fun--or worth it when there's a perfectly good mechanical belt that will help me run in a climate-controlled environment. haha! :)

So, today, I'm celebrating the treadmill and the power of electricity. Thank You, Lord! :) And here's also to the start of week 2. Only 15 to go! :)

Have a great Monday, friends! :)

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