Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 19...

Oh, dear. I just had one of those experiences where I wrote a great blog and then hit the publish button only to get an error message. :) "We are sorry for the inconvenience," says Blogger. haha! :) Good thing I hadn't just written the next great American novel on here. :)

Nope! All I was talking about was Fridays, how I hate them when the alarm goes off and I'm waking up after a week of 5 a.m.s. But how I love them for the rest of the day because of the weekend ahead!

OH! And I also requested prayer for tomorrow. It will definitely be a 15-mile run on the treadmill, which will require a tremendous amount of patience and focus. Marathon training is certainly effective at developing character, that's for sure! haha! :) I will be a better woman after the run than I was before. But prayer support would be much appreciated. :) I know I can't do it on Jill's strength!

Well, that's about it for the second try. Let's see if this sends...:)

Happy Friday, everyone!

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