Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 3. . .

The ellipses in the title are a little more spaced out this morning as an indicator of how I feel. haha! Holy moly! I won't lie. Getting back into the swing of things is a little harder the second day than it was the first. I almost couldn't believe it when the radio alarm started playing this morning. My sleeping self was a little confused as to why there was music interrupting its 8 hours of sleep. haha! Eight hours? Really? Ah, the days. . . Maybe we'll see them again sometime. :)

So, the run was--well, who knows how well it went performance-wise. All I know is that it was a peaceful, low-stress trip through the pre-dawn, street-lit streets. Good think time. Good prayer time.

This morning I was thinking about last time I trained for Boston and how I timed even my recovery runs. There's no reason for that this go-round. In the past year, I've come to look forward to the days when I can relax and enjoy the run as a time of prayer and pleasure. A time of fellowship with the Lord like I don't get during the times when I pace a run. Now, that is NOT to say that the timed runs are in any way less beneficial. Those are the times when the Lord teaches me different lessons about physical and mental strength and challenges my limits. But the slower, easy runs and just more refreshing. They help fuel me for the next day's challenging workouts, just like the challenging workouts make me ready for the easier ones. It's a beautiful cycle.

So, tired or not, today's run was a good one. Every run is a great run if for no other reason than I'm blessed to have legs that move and can endure the miles. God is so good. He gives us passions and then fulfills them. :) May we all reflect today on how marvelous of a Lord we serve.

Ciao, friends!

P.S. This blog is probably not going to be as consistent as it was last training period. Part of that more laid-back approach to it. In fact, I have a business trip that I'm taking tomorrow and Friday that will most likely pull me away from the posting. So, just FYI. I'm doubting that will cause any of you to lose sleep, but just in case you were curious. :)

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  1. Jill, you are definitely in the highest spots of my Top 10 Super-hero list!! I'm on your cheer team all the way, praying with and for you, knowing God is going to use you mightily and increase you beyond measure in Boston 2011. Tell me in what ways I can lend greater support.