Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 33...

FYI to everyone out there, I think I've found the BEST smoothie in the world! :) Vanilla Kefir, vanilla yogurt, frozen blueberries and frozen bananas. YUMMMMM!! :)
Today's speed workout was adventurous! I tried out the new apartment complex workout facility for the first time. I'd been wanting to give their treadmills a whirl since I'd moved in, and today was my chance! It's SO like test-driving a new car. haha! You learn all the new bells and whistles and evaluate so many different features.

The treadmills are great! Good cushion. Great placement for the water bottle holder. Working keypad. One very key exeception, though. There isn't a feature that shows your current pace! haha! That's a first in my treadmill experience. They show your miles per hour, but they don't tell you what pace per mile that is. Yowza! That's kind of important. Especially during speed workouts.

So, today, I got a good lesson in listening to my body. And you wanna know something? I ran faster than I would have if I'd seen the actual pace! I looked up my times online on a treadmill pace chart, and I killed it! 9 miles of intervals faster than ever!

I knew I was working harder than I had in a while, but I didn't know if that was from heavy legs or lack of sleep, so I just kicked it up a notch, prayed for God's amazing strength and kept going. It was awesome!! :) Praise the Lord!

His grace has been so overwhelming. Even when I'm exhausted from a move, underslept and uneducated, He makes a way. Thank You, Father. OH! And even when I'm a clutz, He's all over it! Last night as I was leaving my small group Bible study, I nearly sprained my ankle. Nothing tripped me; nothing was in my way. I was merely walking on pavement and not paying attention to walking. (Um, I'm 30. I shouldn't have to do that, right? Should have learned how to walk a few years ago.) All of a sudden, I took a step and came down wrong on the left side. My ankle folded like a soccer mom chair. MAN! I was like, "Jilly, come on!" But I went home, iced it, popped some vitamin I, and went to bed. Praise God, it's fine. :) Another great memo? It can all change in a second. :) And don't get lazy and comfortable! haha!

Okay, prayer requests:
-For Military Ministry and their continued ability to reach our troops with the love of Christ.
-For our awesome troops. (You inspired me for several miles this morning as I ran to my Army cadence.)
-For protection on my body.
-For a good night's sleep tonight!

Thanks so much for all your continued support, friends. You have no idea how much it encourages me to know you're there and praying.


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