Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 47...

I've adopted a new mantra: "Run toward the roar." Let me explain...

My friend's fiance' wrote an amazing book that I've just started called "Overcoming Intimidation." (I'm so careful about whose real names I post in these. Should I just keep writing everyone's names, or be more anonymous about it? Internal struggle...) Anyway, I'm only a couple of chapters in, but the first one has changed my entire mindset on running.

I've told you before that I struggle with pre-run anxiety. I freak out about everything--whether or not I'll finish, if I'll have enough energy, if there will be a treadmill, if there will be rain/wind/snow, if I'll have the speed I need, if I'll get hurt. blah blah blah.

Well, in this book, my buddy tells about how when male lions get old, their teeth start to get rotten and they aren't able to kill animals very easily. So, in order to get fed, they'll recruit the ladies and stronger young guys to help. The killers go hide on one side of a herd, while the big, old lion goes to the other side. He'll let out this massive, scary roar that sends the herd running in the other direction...where they will die in the jaws of the strong lions.

So, Scripture says that our enemy is AS a roaring lion. He's an old, roaring lion who has bad teeth and a big roar. All he can do is lie to us, just like the lion. If we would, instead of running from him, run at him and face the roar, we wouldn't be devoured.

AWESOME!!! How amazing is that? Jesus threw Satan down already. We are victorious. All our enemy can do is lie to us and send us running in the wrong direction and away from where God wants to take us and where He can show us His strength and truth.

I took that phrase, "run toward the roar," with me this morning as I headed in to do my speedwork. It was tough, but like I'd prayed, I had plenty of strength to make it. Nine miles in 64:06. Another PR.

God, YOU are truth. May we all recognize Your voice and see the enemy as a liar. May we all run toward the roar.

Ciao, friends!
P.S. B and K, thank you SOOOOO much for that book!!! I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!

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  1. Great summary of this life-changing text Jill. I have never experienced such victory in Jesus than I do now, after reading and applying what I've learned (after reading 2 1/2 times) from Overcoming Intimidation.