Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 34...

HALLELUJAH! Huge praise from the morning. I visited with the nutritionist today, and it was a great appointment! She's a sharp lady who is an endurance athlete herself and works with runners all the time. I loved her!

Well, remember when I had the small concern about my being underweight? Well, it turns out that my home scale is off. My weight is PERFECT! In fact, it's only .2 lbs. off from my ideal weight for a runner! Isn't that awesome?? Praise God! The only issue is my body fat. It's about 10% lower than it should be. The prescription for that? More peanut butter, almonds and salmon. Totally doable! She's telling me to add a few more fish oil pills and flaxseed into my diet and wants me to eat more protein. Once I start getting more fat in my diet, that will also help with the injury issues I tend to have AND will help me sleep better. Rock on! You can't go wrong with that, right?

The run for the day was cold, but great! Nice recovery run from yesterday. Which, can I tell you how the treadmill speedwork paced out? 7:10 average for 9 miles!!! I've never run that fast in my LIFE!!! Credit to God and for His wisdom in telling me how to pace in the absence of a pace guide. He's the best trainer on the face of the planet. :) The Holy Spirit is totally the ultimate Coach. :)

Alright, gotta jet. But if you could pray for my long tempo run tomorrow morning, that would be awesome! It's gonna be long and cold, but it's gonna be awesome! Why? Because I'll get to do it with Jesus. :)

Ciao, friends!

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