Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 36...

Every day I get an e-mail devotion written by my former campus minister from college. Today he wrote a great one about Psalm 104 and how we so often forget to appreciate the works of the Lord in our natural surroundings. What a timely message! That was exactly what I gleaned from this morning's run. (Yes, I totally just used "gleaned" in a sentence.)

When I woke up, much to my delight, I saw that it was above freezing outside. YESSS! Outside we go! So, I threw on my gear and headed out. It didn't start out that great, as it was kind of freezing rain a little bit. But it wasn't so bad that I was going to have a miserable time.

About halfway through the run, the precipitation changed to snow. And not just ANY snow, BIG FLAKE snow! :) You know the kind. When it's like you're in the middle of a snow globe. The flakes were so big that they created shadows on the ground under the street lights. :) It was breathtaking!

I'm a complete sucker for running in the snow, especially when it's dark and quiet and you can REALLY enjoy the setting. Today was one of those unbelievable days. Humbling days. Days when you just sit back and say, "God, wow. You totally knew that I'd be out here, and I know that You created this knowing I'd enjoy it. Thank You."

The run itself was fabulous. A quickie 6.3-mile recovery run at 8-flat. And when I got back to the apartment, I was positively caked in snow. haha! My hair was dripping, my vest was white and my gloves were soaked. But I never felt a drop. :) It was pure bliss, and I can't think of a better way to start a day.

"Thank You, Lord. Today, I appreciate Your beauty. Forgive me for when I pass up the chance to marvel at Your works. Thanks for the amazing morning. You floor me sometimes. I love You and look forward to spending another great run with You tomorrow."

Quick prayer requests:
-For Military Ministry and their continued needs to be met. (Pray specifically for the number of Rapid Deployment Kits that they need.)
-For our troops and their safety and for their spiritual needs to be met.
-For my 16-miler tomorrow--specifically for a running path, since the sidewalks will most likely have a ton of snow on them by then.
-For protection over my body. Feels UNBELIEVABLY good today. Pray that it stays healthy! :)

Thanks so much, all! Until tomorrow...

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