Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 54...

Remember in high school basketball practice when you'd run so hard that you'd feel like you were going to throw up? Man, that was awesome!! hahaha! I hadn't done that in a while. And, now, I didn't hurl this morning. (Sorry for the graphic nature of this message.) But, I felt like it when I was done with the speed work this morning. It was awesome!! Not a PR, but I hit my highest speed when I knocked it up to 10.1 mph for the last quarter mile. Love it!

Does anyone else out there just love the last mile? I'm such a last mile kind of girl. In anything and everything of life. I LOVE to push it hard to finish out. The rest of the speed work always feels great, but I can't wait until that last mile when I can crank it up and GO! It's even like that on the long runs. Finish fast! Give it everything you've got!

Okay, I'm going to get philosophical. This last mile concept can apply to anything really. I have "last miles" at work when we have magazine deadlines. There are even last miles when it comes to my Bible studies and the books I read. Will I finish strong, or will I let it fizzle out?

I've been talking with Ashley a lot lately about pressing through when things get hard. In everything worth finishing, there comes at least one point when we'll want to quit. It's those critical moments when we must really press through and keep going. I just hate the fact that Philippians 4:13 has become so cliche, because it really is SO powerful. And these make-or-break moments are PRIME Phil. 4:13 moments. If God has called us to a difficult task, then you can best believe that you CAN do all things through the strength of Christ. Not on your own, but through Him. And FOR Him.

Today, whatever your last mile is, I totally encourage you to crank it up, bust it out, and go for it in the strength of the Lord!

Prayer requests:
-For recovery from today's run.
-For the wisdom to run easy tomorrow.
-For protection on the body.
-For Military Ministry and their chaplains.
-For our fundraising event on March 13, that the details would come together.

Ciao, friends!

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