Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 55...

What a great day! :) I was blessed with enough wisdom to take it easy on the treadmill this morning. Did a 6.3-miler in 52:52 for an 8:23 average pace. That's SO great compared to the fast times I've tried to turn in on previous recovery runs! I just kept hearing the voices of Jackie, Andrew and various running guru's about relaxing on the easy runs. It was very tempting to push the pace, but quite nice when I heeded the voice that said, "No." In fact, I rather enjoyed it. Thank You, Lord!

Okay...The Military Ministry fundraising and race team stuff is really starting to take off. And I could NOT be more thrilled!! We're hosting our first fundraiser and information night on March 13 in McPherson, Kan. (If you're around, come on out to The Well at 7:00!) And this is one of those very sweet times when I'm so passionate about something that I just can't WAIT to tell everyone about it! Military Ministry is making SUCH a differernce in the lives of the most amazing people on the planet. I don't care if that's a bold statement, it's my own opinion. Our troops are flat-out the most amazing, awesome, respectable (is it -able or -ible?), selfless, brave, courageous men and women on earth. Our freedom-fighters. Our protectors. Our heroes. The fact that God is allowing me to use running to bless them with His love is just absolutely crazy awesome. The fact that I can use what I love to do most to bring WHO I love most to those I respect the most. . . I'm humbled. God, YOU are awesome.

Anyway, I can't wait to get this started. I know we've already raised a couple hundred bucks, but we've got a long way to go! And I cant' wait to get started! If you feel moved to give, don't let me stop you! You can already donate online at . OR you can wait until there's more information. We're going to set up ways for people to contribute based on their own hearts. You'll soon have the opportunity to choose whether or not you want to send Bibles, fund chaplains, fund marriage retreats, fund PTSD counseling and combat trauma help, and more!! But even if you give now, your money will be put to GREAT use. And thank you SO much to those of you who have contributed already! You are making a KINGDOM difference for ETERNITY!! :)

Okay, prayer requests:
-For recovery and a great, strong tempo run tomorrow.
-For the Military Ministry fundraising and our event on the 13th.
-For God to raise up military chaplains.
-For healing in the broken marriages of our military families.

Thanks so much, friends! I love you all!


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