Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 48...

I'm sitting here with a wrap on the upper part of my right leg and some Biofreeze underneath it. It's okay, but it's time to start treating this. The "ache" has turned into a "pain," and that's not a good thing. Time to start doctoring it.

The run this morning was actually exactly what I was hoping for (minus the pain): a slow, cold, solitude-friendly recovery run outside. Cold? Check. About 18 degrees. Slow? Check. About a minute slower per mile than my normal pace. Solitude-friendly? Check. Even the traffic was less than usual. But, man, did I need that.

I told my friend Ashley (a fantastic friend that I've trained with several times) this morning that, for the first time this training period, I didn't look at my pace. I HAD to take it slow--both because of the leg and because I just needed to mentally. And when I got back to the house and saw my time, I typically would have freaked out. But, honestly, this morning, I was super pleased with it. I had needed to take it easy for a day, and that's just what happened. Thank You, Lord!

Though, I am asking for prayers. Obviously, the body is experiencing some issues, and I do need prayers for healing and wisdom. God is in control, that's no doubt. He's been in this from the start and will be in it to the end, but I am reminded today just how fully reliant on Him I really am. My body can't do this aside from His touch.

Those of you who know my story know that my running career is full of injury stories. My body gets to a point in marathon training when it just likes to break down. But there also have been training times when God has carried me straight through without delay. For me, it is obvious that whatever marathon success I experience is truly lined up with His will for it. This, I have no doubt, is one of those times.

With that, I'm really asking that you would pray for several things specifically:
1. For physical healing on my right leg and the painful tendon.
2. For physical healing on the ache in my right arch.
3. For physical protection over my body as the training continues to increase.
4. For mental endurance as training continues to increase and the miles and runs get longer and more demanding.
5. For my continued focus to be on the Lord and His perfect plan.
6. For wisdom to know if my body needs cross training and if it can run.

Then, please remember to keep those in mind who are the focus of this whole thing:
1. For our troops, especially those currently serving in deployment.
2. For Military Minsitry and their outreach to our service men and women.
3. For the fundraising as it gets started, that God would do a great work and meet many needs through this race team.

Thanks so much, friends. I'm humbled by your prayers and support. For those of you who have encouraged me lately, you have NO idea how much it means. Philippians 1:3!! :)


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