Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 42...

I won't say that today was a great run necessarily. The pace was fine, my endurance was great. Physically, yes, the performance was there. But it was TOUGH.

It started out as another great run in the snow, and I thought it was just going to rock the whole way as another peaceful environment for a tempo run. But after a while I noticed that this snow was a little different. It was somehow making the sidewalk slicker than snot! It was just a thin layer of ice/snow stuff. That wasn't a tragedy for the first part of the run. It was easily solved by running down the middle of the unicy street.

But, as it happens when the world wakes up, traffic eventually got going. Soon, I found myself weaving back and forth to either side of the street and zig-zagging between lanes. I honestly felt like I was in the middle of a game of Frogger. (Not an uncommon problem for runners, just not a fun one to experience.)

And then it all came to a head. Not only was I dodging traffic, but on the last two miles I turned into a fun headwind and had to go up two steep hills, all while dodging traffic and trying to find solid footing, as the streets were now slick.

I confess that I did not keep my cool. BUT, something really cool did happen. As I was running through a tough part and getting a little down, a little voice inside me said, "Jill, this is your dream come true."

Woah. Hold on. TOTALLY true.

It was perfect timing to get that message because it totally brought me into a right attitude. I realized what I was doing at that moment. I was training hard for the Boston Marathon!! :) :) After such heartache last year and such a long road of recovery, I was finally getting to live out my dream! :) Thank You, Lord!! :)

With that in mind, even as training gets tough, I hope to keep an attitude of praise and proper perspective. I GET to run. Every day! I get to live out a huge dream! And God is seeing me through. Praise Him!! :)

Here's to long tempo runs in crappy weather! Bring it on.

Ciao, friends!

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