Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 37...

Oh, I am so tragically bummed today. SO bummed. SOOOO SOOOOO bummed. My fantastic Papa Bear, my amazing step-dad was going to come up this weekend for a daddy/daughter weekend. Unfortunately, his work trip got extended and, instead of being here to sip coffee and solve the problems of the world with me, he's stuck in Oklahoma City. And I'm stuck without my big teddy bear for the weekend. :( SOOOOOO sad! Honestly, all I want to do is cry. I miss him so much. But that's life. And we did talk about trying again in a couple of weeks, so I'm praying it works out.

How this affects my running schedule? I was going to put in 16 miles this morning before he got here so that I could chillax with him all weekend and take tomorrow off. But I got this news late last night, so I am putting today back as my off day and running tomorrow morning instead. I did enjoy the lazy morning of waking up at my leisure and spending an extended amount of time in prayer and Bible study this morning. I certainly don't get that very often. But I'm grateful for it. And I'm sure my legs appreciate the break. They've worked hard this week. Truly. They've put in some amazing runs, starting with last Sunday's 18, the awesome speedwork and the great tempo run. It's been a very blessed week.

Tomorrow, I hope to hook up with Jackie and another of her buddies for the 16-miler. It will be, again, GREAT to run with friends. Two hours alone is way less fun than two hours with a good friend.

Sorry I'm not cheerful today. My joy is being challenged. My eyes are teary. I miss my Papa Bear.

PPB, if you read this, know that I love you and miss you and look forward to absorbing heat from you in a couple of weeks. Be safe. Trust the Lord. And receive a big hug from me across the miles. I love you! - Your BG

Ciao, friends!

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