Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 46...

Despite the travel stomach I had this morning, the easy run was really blessed. I enjoyed just cruising and turned in a 6.3-miler at 49:56. Based on what this last Saturday told me, I'm going to try and drop my time a little more on all my runs. Just test it out and see what happens. "Easy run" might be a little faster now. And it might still be easy. I just want to see.

My small group Bible study at church is doing a great study on Proverbs 31 and the ultimate godly woman. One of the things that I walked away with from this weekend was just how much the military wife embodies the Proverbs 31 woman. Her husband has a very unique calling, and he really has to know that his home is taken care of so that he can do what he has to do. Especially while he's deployed. We heard many women talk about what they had to handle while their husbands were overseas and what helped them deal with it. MAN, they have to be STRONG!! They care for kids, handle bills, tackle home repairs, manage budgets, do the shopping, make calls--everything! And their husbands need to be able to entrust that to them. They are called into battle and have to have the most amazing and capable women behind them so that they can do that without having to worry about what's going on back home.

These women amaze me. I love each and every one of them for what they do, and if I could treat them all to the ultimate spa getaway, I would. :) They deserve it! But you can see in some of these women's eyes that this is what they love to do. They get it. They get the calling their husband has, and they get how they are a part of that. How it's THEIR calling, too. God is using them to defend freedom and fight for justice because of how they empower their husbands. How they encourage them, love them, support them and manage their homes. These men couldn't do it without them.

Today, THANK YOU to all the military wives. You inspire me and serve as my utmost role models. I pray that you ALL would experience God's peace as you manage your households today. May He fill you with JOY as you complete His calling on YOUR life. Love you, girls!

Prayer requests:
-For Military Ministry and their continued outreach.
-For the military wives.
-For our troops, especially those serving in deployments.
-For my continued health and for the nagging ache in my right inner thigh.
-For great rest and an awesome speed workout tomorrow.

Ciao, friends!

P.S. I'm trying to gauge how many people are reading this. If you read today's blog, would you let me know on Facebook or e-mail or comment here? Thanks, guys!


  1. Hey Jill, is your friend. It lets you slice and dice the various info on how people arrive at your blog (search engine, direct, links) as well as where they're viewing it from. You just drop a snippet of code that Google Analytics gives you in the Edit HTML template section of the Layout above the bottom /body tag and it will give you all kinds of cool info on site traffic.

  2. Hey friend!! I am following... The glory of Google Reader!

  3. I'm with you Girlfriend; and I'm inviting my Facebook friends to join too, especially those in Military Ministry so we can plump up the prayer power among the family. God is moving mightily through you and your diligence in seeking and serving Him. I praise Him for equipping you as He's called you. Your Sister and fellow servant in Christ, Brenda