Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 62...

Before I get started, I want to take a moment and THANK YOU ALL for your prayers. You guys have no idea how much it means to me to know that you're out there presenting me before the Lord. And there is NO way I could be running without you and those prayers. Seriously, considering the amount of injury my body normally experiences and the health that I'm currently enjoying, there is NO explanation outside of prayer. You guys are amazing. Please keep praying! God's grace is the only thing that's keeping me together.

That being said, today, I feel absolutely amazing from an ache/pain standpoint. Everything is SO minor. Had a great recovery run this morning on the treadmill. (I have some serious spring fever and couldn't bear the thought of putting on my ski mask this morning to brave the 20 degrees.) :) But it was such a blessed, casual run between hard workouts.

Okay, yesterday I mentioned that I had an interview coming up with K-LOVE. How exciting is that? My sister had sent out a press release to the McPherson area media letting them know about our event on the 13th, and, on a wild hair, my mom sent it in to K-LOVE. Randomly enough, they're the only ones who responded! But how amazing is that??? We will do the interview on Friday and then let God run with it! :)

Isn't this exciting??? This is EXACTLY what I have been praying for! How many people are going to hear about Military Ministry and either (A) contribute to the ministry's needs, (B) volunteer (C) pray for our troops and the ministry, or (D) get help themselves if they need it? Statistics show that most service men and women who suffer from PTSD don't get help for it. They just suffer. But hopefully this will hit the ears of someone who needs to seek out the help of Military Ministry and allow God to heal them. Would you pray that with me?

Other prayer requests:
-Praise for the great health!
-Prayers for continued protection on the cranky left knee and right plantar fascia.
-Prayers for the fundraiser on the 13th and the details.
-Prayers for Military Ministry and their staff.
-Prayers for our troops--specifically those with PTSD, that they would get the help they need that would lead them to Christ.

Again, thank you guys SO much. We're a TEAM, and I'm so humbled to be part of it with you!


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