Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 72...

What a trip!! :) Today, my sister put on her photojournalist hat to document one of my long training runs. She's got such a fun fascination with photography, and she had a blast! The girl was even laying down on a trash bag in the middle of a muddy, country road to get unique angles of her sister running toward her. hahaha! It was so awesome!

Momsy, whom I've affectionately nicknamed 4M (Military Ministry Marathon Momsy) played the driver, and she did a great job of finding the right speed in the truck to keep pace.

Our whole goal in doing this was to bring the team more into the experience. You guys have been SO stinkin' supportive, and we want you to know just how much of a part of this you are. These photos will hopefully illustrate the fruit of your prayers. Every time you take these daily requests to God, you are igniting divine power. And, let me tell you, that is SO key to this whole thing.

Honestly--and this is what I was telling my parents this morning--with my injury-prone past, there's no way outside of the grace of God that I should be able to keep these miles. My body is being held together by divine duct tape. :) Seriously! It is ONLY by the grace of God and His work through the prayers of the team that this is going anywhere. Thank you all and thank You, LORD!
So...TONIGHT IS THE BIG NIGHT!!! :) :) :) The fundraiser and information night is TONIGHT at The Well in McPherson, KS. Come out if you're around! It's from 7-8p.m. DVR the end of the KU game and come eat some of my brother-in-law's yummy chocolate cinnamon cake, Jackie's amazing cake concoction, or Erin's amazing lemon bars. AND drink up some of The Well's outstanding coffee (10% of sales go back to Military Ministry). And, best of all, learn how YOU can bring the love of Jesus Christ to our fabulous troops!
A big big shout out to the military personnel who read this today. I love you guys. I've never met you, but I love you. I live in debt to you every day. May God just absolutely overwhelm you with His love today.

Prayer Requests:
-For the fundraiser tonight and for the Holy Spirit to be there! And that the details would all work out according to His plan.
-For recovery for my body from the long run (GREAT pace: 7:44 average for 16!).
-For the right foot pain to be alleviated.
-For Military Ministry to be elevated to a larger platform and for more people to support what they do.
-For our troops and the Lord's love and healing to be showered on them in abundance.
Thank you guys so stinkin' much!

Love ya!
P.S. We'll post the photos either on the blog or Facebook or something within the next couple of days. Stay tuned!! :)

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