Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 78...

Throughout this blog, you've heard my share of doubts and fears and a few complaints. Well, today, we're going to focus on a different side. There is a bigger part of me that fully believes God is good--that He is faithful. There's an inner peace that knows that above all else, God is at work in all things and that He truly DOES work all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

So, today, we're going to take a fun little exercise and put some praise into this blog! :) We're going to go through the alphabet and praise Him for everything that we can think of that has to do with our troops and/or running. May God be glorified today as He so rightly deserves!

Lord, thank YOU for...
A - Armed forces! :)
B - Boston
C - Chaplains (thank you all!)
D - Determination (of our armed forces and our race team)
E - Energy (It's only by God's grace!)
F - Fort _________ (Praise for all the military bases.)
G - God (Just for who He is.)
H - Healing (on all my injuries and on all our soldiers with PTSD)
I - Ice. (Got bags all over me right now.)
J - Justice (What our men and women fight for daily.)
K - Kansas City (the great training ground)
L - Liberty (double-meaning here)
M - Military Ministry (Love you guys!)
N - Nations (What Military Ministry will reach through the world's armed forces)
O - Oatmeal (the daily breakfast)
P - PTSD Counseling
Q - Quiet (Thank You, Lord, for peaceful apartments!)
R - Rest days (Sunday's coming!)
S - Soldiers (love you!)
T - Tempo Runs (My favorite workout)
U - Unfailing love (What God offers us all.)
V - Victory! (See April 19, 2010)
W - Witness (What we will do through the streets of Boston.)
X - X-trordinary (Cheating, I know...But this whole thing has been amazing!)
Y - YOU! Thank you all for your support!
Z - Zeal (What we should never lack, according to Scripture, and what this team has in abundance!)

Lord, we praise You in all things! In sickness, in health, in plenty and in want. We love You and we trust You!

Prayer Requests:
-For the 20-miler tomorrow and whether or not to wear my orthodics
-For healing on the right foot and the new blister on the left foot.
-For our troops! May those who have PTSD seek help!
-For Military Ministry!
-For continued fundraising.
-For rest.

Thank you all! Praise Him today! :)

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