Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 90...

My jaw just dropped. I literally almost dropped my phone, as I checked the weather online before heading out this morning. 65 degrees??? You've GOT to be kidding!

I went to my closet to pull out my running clothes and had to stop and think. What the heck does running in 65 degrees feel like? I didn't even remember! Will shorts really be warm enough this morning? Am I going to freeze in short sleeves?

So funny. :) But 65 degrees remained true to itself and provided an unbelievable and amazing run this morning. Not even the 30-mph wind could dampen my spirits. I had been liberated from the layers of winter clothes. You have NO idea how much of a release it is to run in shorts and a race T instead of Under Armor and ski masks. You feel about a million times lighter! :) Plus, it takes about 10 minutes less in the morning to get ready and out the door. :) LOVE that.

Guess what! I got my race packet in the mail yesterday!!! :) :) It's official! I'm Runner 14349 in this year's Boston Marathon. I'm just going to cry. Thank You, Lord. Thank You. It's such a dream come true, and it's such a move of Him. For what He's done to bring me (and us) to this point. It's been such a long road. It's been so full of challenges. But it's been so blessed. From dashed dreams to submission to His bigger plan and what He's doing now through this to raise funds for our troops through Military Ministry. I'm so humbled to be used by Him in such a way. Lord, may I honor You with every step. May every move I make bring You glory. May bib #14349 be one that stands out from the crowd because of Your joy. :)

Friends, we have just under three weeks left. Only 19 days. We're almost there. Please continue to pray for my mind--that I would fully trust Him with everything. I am still battling fears and anxiety about injuries, but they're unwarranted. Please pray for protection over my mind and for truth and peace to fill it! I'll return the same prayers for you. :)

Prayer Requests:
-For Military Ministry to be fully equipped and funded to meet the spiritual needs of our troops.
-For soldiers to be drawn to open their Rapid Deployment Kits and read of God's love for them.
-For healing and protection on my right foot.
-For physical protection over the rest of my body.
-For my sweet sister in Christ, Lacey, who is also running in Boston and has just pulled a muscle. Pray for her peace and healing.
-For my 12-mile tempo run tomorrow morning! :)

Love you all!
-Jill :)

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