Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 75...

Hallelujah!! You all must have been praying overtime for me. I have to tell you about how awesome God is! :)

Today I was supposed to do 10 miles of speed work, right? Well, I was bumming a little about it because with the achy tendons, I knew I'd probably have to do the treadmill in order to avoid hills. Well...Maybe not. :)

Last night as I was climbing into bed, I thought about how I'd once done an 11-mile training run circling a .25-mile parking lot. :) Hey, at least it was flat! So, I got to thinking, "There's tons of shops right by my house. I could always go use the parking lots there like a track." That was TOTALLY the Holy Spirit. He reminded me of the parking-lot run and, once I had that thought to go there, I just knew in my soul that's what God had in mind.

Still, the idea wasn't SUPER exciting. I mean, who really wants to go circle a parking lot for an hour and 13 minutes? So, I woke up still debating whether or not to go inside or try the parking lot idea. Finally, as I was praying, "God, I am still not sold. Are YOU really the one who is asking me to go to the parking lots, or is that just me?"

"Trust me with the parking lots."

Totally heard that. Not audibly, of course, but my Spirit head voice totally said it.

So, I did. I warmed up running the .4 miles over to the shopping area and started looping the lots. It actually turns out that the loop is just shy of a mile total. And it's completely flat!! :) :) I was having a blast! The miles were flying by and the foot wasn't in any pain at all! :) Of course, the Target morning shift was giving me funny looks as they were going to work, but that's okay. Maybe if I do this enough, they'll bust out their stopwatches. haha! :)

Then, I got a wild hair. At about 4.5 miles, I just decided to see what the other side of the highway had to offer. Lo and behold! There is a stretch of backstreets across the highway that leads into a residential area...that is FLAT!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) HALLELUJAH! :) It's flat to a point. I did have to turn around after about a mile because I was heading up a steep hill, but there's a whole other mile back there that is untrafficked and flat! Praise You, Lord!

Here's what I'm saying today: God. Is. Faithful!!! He is sovereign. He loves us. He is in control. He answers our prayers. Trust Him. Trust Him with everything. Even when you've got your own version of tendonitis and hills, trust Him. Even when He asks you to circle parking lots. Trust Him that He's got your best interest in mind. He loves you! He wants to bless you! But you'll never get to those blessings if you don't step out in obedience. I'd never have discovered the parking lot mile or the side street mile if I'd stayed on the treadmill this morning in something familiar and comfortable. God always knows best.

Remind me of that later, won't you? :) haha!

Prayer Requests:
-For the anterior tibial tendonitis in the right foot and the cranky left knee.
-For Military Ministry and our fundraising. (What should be our next steps?)
-For PRAISE for the fundraiser on Saturday and for everyone who gave and who has given online (I'll find out who you are tomorrow and will be sure to thank you properly!).
-For our amazing troops, out there on the front lines of danger protecting our freedoms and our ability to run around parking lots.

Love you all! Ciao!

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