Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 86...

A friend of mine used to say, "You can't coach suck." Well, after today, I've been properly coached in absolute suck. :)

First, a HUGE shout out to Andrew for keeping me company on the first leg of the run. Thank you so much, AA!! That was awesome. I was so grateful for the company. Andrew took me through the first half of the run and provided great conversation. Toward the end of his time with me, though, I could tell that the elements weren't going to cater to an easy finish.

When Andrew and I parted ways at mile 13, I ducked into my apartment to get some warmer gear. The wind had TOTALLY picked up, and was gusting at 100 mph out of the south. (A little extreme, but that's what it felt like.) :) And the rain drops had started falling.

Well, by the time I left my apartment to finish the run, it was coming down. And the temperature had taken a nose dive. And, let's not forget that incredible wind.

Being the weenie that I am when it comes to 38 degrees and driving rain and wind, I tried to take the easy way out and hit the treadmill. BUT, I'd forgotten my keycard, so I couldn't get into the workout room.

"Okay, how bad can it be? I'll just tough it out."

Okay, that mentality lasted about three miles before I passed by my apartment again hoping that the apartment girls would be there and the door would be open. Nope. I was stuck outside.

Mental wall. Totally up. I was angry at the weather. I was TOTALLY frustrated by my pace (totally slow, by the way). I was hacked that my iPod had quit at mile 15. I was frustrated by the pain in my right foot. AND I was now running in completely wet shoes and socks. My hands were numb. And I was hungry. And I still had 6 miles to go at this point.

I stood there for a moment and examined my circumstances. This is where it got cool. :) God showed me my thoughts and asked me to retrain them. I was somehow supposed to find joy in the rest of the run, no matter what the challenges.

So, I had my little Lieutennant Dan moment (remember when he's shouting to God on the top of the boat?) and hit the hills in the wind and rain. Now, my moment was WAY more respectful, but it just reminded me of that with the rain and wind and me calling out to God. :) Mine wasn't so much fighting Him as it was agreeing with Him loudly that I would accept His challenge. :)

And that was it. I finised the run. It was hard. It honestly was a horrible run. But God is SO good. And He's made me so much stronger for it. I'm properly coached in suck. haha! :)

Prayer requests:
-For recovery from this 22-miler.
-For rest with a capital R tonight and tomorrow.
-For Military Ministry and their fabulous staff and volunteers!
-For our troops who go through FAR more than miserable runs...all on our behalf.
-For healing on my blister and the pain in my right foot.

Thanks so much, y'all! :) :) You guys rock!

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