Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 74...

Wow! Some days you just wake up in the middle of the "Zip a Dee Doo Dah" cartoon with Louie Armstrong. hahaha! Today, that's how I feel! :) For the first time in weeks I feel like I have energy. And, I KNOW that 99% of it comes from getting my love tank filled this weekend by friends and family.

The run this morning was a dream. :) 44 degrees, casually strong wind (at my back on the way home), light traffic and singing birds. :) And, being in such an amazing mood today, I just had to listen to happy music the whole time. Normally I'll do a sermon podcast on easy days, but there was just too much joy overflow to listen to Chip Ingram talking about being stuck in a rut and how to get out. A valuable message, I'm certain, but was all about Mandisa, Dave Barnes and, I confess, two playings of Chris Brown's "Forever." hahaha! Come on! You KNOW you love it! :)

What a morning!! :) :) :) It totally makes this prayer request just seem that much smaller when I'm so full of the joy of the Lord today. I've been reluctant to talk about this because I know that talking about it (for me) breeds the fear of it. But I'm not scared anymore. God is more than in control and His hand is on me. Aches, pains and all. So...Would you be willing to call out the anterior tibial tendonitis in my right foot specifically? It's a recurring issue I've had since my first marathon in 2007. Back then I saw a doctor about it, and he said I was fine to run on it, but I shouldn't take hills. hahaha! Now that I live in the land of 1,000 of 'em, that's a pretty tall order. I know I could do treadmill or drive somewhere, but that's not probably going to happen, if I'm being honest. Treadmill, occassionally, but I don't have time on weekday mornings to drive somewhere flat. So, that is a specific prayer request today. Thank you SO much, friends!

Well, I best be getting ready for work. Got a full day of editing and writing ahead! I love it!! :)

Prayer Requests:
-For the anterior tibial tendon.
-For the cranky left knee.
-For Military Ministry and the continued funding of this race team! :)
-For our TROOPS! God bless you ALL!
-For the speed work tomorrow!

Ciao, team!
-Jill :)

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