Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 66...

Oh my gracious!! Celebrate with me! 22 miles this morning!!! :) Yee haw!!! :) :) :)

Me, Jackie and her friend Quinn met up this morning at 7:00 for a fantastic 3:03 run. It was amazing! Started out a little cold, but after a while, warmed up nicely. The sun was shining, the snow was gone. There was a strong wind, but we'd broken up the mileage so well that we only had to run a few miles into it before we'd get to turn around again. What a blessing! Plus, with the route we took, we got in some GREAT hill training that will really help us prepare for Boston. Totally rolling hills with a few steep ones. We were just ridiculously blessed today.

PLUS, I just love these women! You guys already know that I love Jackie, so it was so great to have three hours with her. And Quinn is just as awesome. The three of us had some GREAT conversation about faith, work, and (of course) boys. hahaha! :) Three hours gives you PLENTY of time to share stories. ;)

Oh, team. . . It's a big week. We have our first fundraiser coming up on Saturday, so please be in prayer for that. I'm asking God to draw the right people there who will have a heart for our troops and want to know how to bless them. Pray that the details come together and that I'll be given a vision for the program itself.

Also, I've got kind of a nutso day. I'm hopping a flight here in about an hour and have to spend a day that I'd normally use to sit on the couch with ice bags on a plane, instead, all cramped up. I know it will be a great trip, but I'd appreciate your prayers in the training aspect of it. God's gone before me, though, so I'm confident that it will be great. Anxious Jill would be freaking out about hotel treadmills and running paths. Peaceful Jill knows that the Psalmist's words are true: "I have set the Lord always before me. Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken." Thank You for preparing a great trip, Lord! I know You've gone before me. Please protect me as I run in unfamiliar territory, and even bless me with great runs while I'm there.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to find a place to blog tomorrow, too. Even if it's short. We'll see what the hotel has to offer. :) But I'm confident that will work out, too. God's just that detailed. :)

Alrighty, friends! I'm outta here and heading to the friendly confines of KCI and Southwest Airlines. Your prayers would be MUCHO appreciated! :)

Until tomorrow...Love you all!

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