Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 69...

Oh, morning sun, how I do love you! What a gorgeous morning outside. The birds are singing, the sun is up when I am (at least until daylight savings hits this weekend), and...I got to wear shorts this morning!!! Mark it down. Spring is on its way!! I know we're supposed to have snow again this weekend, but I can SO feel it.

It's been a blessed but rough morning. I didn't sleep well at all last night. I don't know if it was the travel or the excitement of everything going on yesterday or what, but, even though I was exhausted, I couldn't shut down. I laid in bed just so tired but wide awake for what seemed like eternity. I finally drifted off, praise God, but it always makes me a little "down" in the morning when I know I haven't had my sleep tank refueled. It makes me not excited about the run that I'm heading out for. It's like a policeman going to investigate a crime scene without his gun. He can probably do it, but it's uncomfortable and you know you're missing something. (Sorry if that analogy doesn't make sense. See why I need sleep? hahaha!)

Either way, the run was amazing, but that's just because God is awesome. :) His grace is truly sufficient for me. Sleep or not, He supplied energy and a beautiful morning. Thank You, Lord. What a sweet recovery run before tomorrow's tempo run.

One quick housekeeping note...Thanks so much to Joel for the AMAZING job he did with the full interview on Air 1!! You can actually download the entire interview he and I did by going to the Air 1 web site and visiting their news podcast page, or by clicking this link:

Then, when the episode list comes up in your iTunes, click on the one about the woman running the Boston Marathon for the troops. :) Man, I listened to it last night and just had to stop and drop to my knees in humility before God. Where He's taken this is just beyond anything I could have dreamed. That we would be able to use this to bless our military is the most unreal privilege. Thank You, Lord!!

Okay! Prayer requests for the day:
-For the fundraiser in McPherson this weekend--specifically that people would come out despite the confilct with the Big 12 Championship game being on TV. haha!
-For the troops--specifically for the encouragement of our chaplains.
-For Military Ministry and God's provision for them.
-For the tempo run tomorrow.
-For REST for me.
-For the left knee and right foot.

Thank you all so much. I am so blessed to be on the same team with you all! :)

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