Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 64...

The perfect soundtrack to a gorgeous, peaceful recovery run at dawn: "'Til I See You" by Hillsong. Man, thank You, Lord. What a morning! But it certainly didn't start out that way...

It's funny that I blogged about the danger of getting overtired yesterday. This morning, when the alarm went off, I was NOT happy. I was exhausted from the day before, sore, hungry and cranky! All I wanted to do was go back to bed. And the LAST thing I wanted to do was run. "Why isn't it Saturday, yet?" I whined.

Still, I went about my routine. I poured a cup of coffee and sat down to pray. "Lord, I have no idea how I'm going to survive this run. I don't want to do it. My legs hurt. I have no energy. I don't want to go to the treadmill. I don't want to take the hills outside. I need Your intervention in my attitude."

Seeing the treadmill as the greater of two evils this morning, I opted for outside. The temperature hike to 32 degrees would at least make it a little more enjoyable. (No ski mask!) :)

Just as I was about to head out the door, the Lord spoke. He reminded me in an instant of where I'd come from, where I was going and the absolute TRUTH of the situation. "Every run is a great run, Jill," He seemed to say, using an old mantra He'd given me during an injury. WOW. Amen to that! I paused for a moment and totally just absorbed His words. "Yes, Lord. Thank YOU for perspective! Today, I GET to run! Today, I GET to use the legs You gave me. Today I GET to train for a purpose. Today, I GET to fellowship with You on the road. Thank YOU!"

That was all it took. From what seemed like an impossible run that I'd have to force myself through, to the most amazing, peaceful, beautiful, enjoyable 6.3 I'd had in weeks.

It's all about perspective and thoughts and attitude. There's a Proverb that says, "As a man things in his heart, so he is." (That's not a direct quote, but it's close!) And it's so true. Today, may we all adopt an attitude of praise to God for what we GET to do. And that pretty much includes everything. :)

-An AMAZING run this morning.
-A chance to talk to K-LOVE today.
-Military Ministry and their amazing work for the Kingdom.
-For our troops serving so selflessly.
-For health and a recovery day tomorrow!

Ciao, friends! :)

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